How to Build the Ultimate Snack Stadium

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I’ve always been a football fan and if you have been around awhile, you have probably  seen a few game day recipes from our football parties.  We are gearing up for the big game and are really excited for the playoffs.  That means that we will be having a football party every weekend.  I. Can’t. Wait.  I feel like I’m in a competition with myself because I want every party to be better than the last.  This time, I’m going all in and building the ultimate snack stadium.  I am so excited to show it off because I love how it turned out.

Discover how to build the ultimate snack stadiumWhen I decided I was going to build the snack stadium, I also realized that I wanted to make it as easy to reconstruct as possible so that anybody would be able to make one for their game day party.  Let’s get to the good stuff and get building!  After all, the party is waiting.


Materials for stadium13 x 9 cake board

Aluminum foil

Roasting pan 13 x 11

Roasting pan 9 x 11

Wood – I will be honest here.  We have a quite large stash of wood that we were given for projects so I am using old trim wood for the stadium.  We used 7 pieces of wood that were 16 inches long by 2 1/2 inches wide.  We also used 8 pieces of wood that are 2 1/2 inches wide by 7 1/4 inches long.  We also used 6 pieces of wood that are 2 1/2 inches by 9 1/4 inches.

White paint


Clear packing tape

7 Clear 4 portion serving trays

Hot glue gun and glue

Cardboard – enough to make 10 pieces that are 13 inches by 7 inches.  We used cake platters that we bought at the store and cut it to size.  We used 4 packs of 4 boards for the stadium.

Black card stock

Green paper straws


Get Building

I started with some green felt covering the table but that is optional.


Step 1:  Flip large 13 x 11 roasting pan upside down in center of table

Upside down roasting panStep 2:  Cover cake board with aluminum foil.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, you will be covering it up later.  Place it on top of the upside down roasting pan.
Cake board and roasting pan

Step 3:  Taking 9  x 11 roasting pan, CAREFULLY cut it in half.  I am quite serious about the careful part here.  It gets pretty sharp as you are cutting.  Now, again – carefully, fold the cut side up and in to allow you to press it up against the large upside down roasting pan.  Use your clear masking tape to tape it against the large pan and hold it in place.  Repeat on the other side.Cut roast panRoast pan bent

Step 4:  I also used some clear packing tape across the center of the cake board to hold it in place against the large roasting pan.

Step 5:  Use your hot glue gun to glue straws together in pairs.  Hot glue these around the outer edge of the center aluminum covered cake board.  Trim pieces as necessary to fit.  Then make a second row an inch or two inside along the sides to form sidelines that you will be filling with condiments.  Then use a few pieces to use as sections in your sidelines to separate the condiments.Sidelines

Step 6:  If you haven’t already done it, cut your wood.  Or, if you are like me, have them cut it at the store or send your boyfriend out to the garage with measurements.  Here are the different lengths of wood that you will need.

  • 7 pieces that are 16″ by 2 1/2″ {long}
  • 8 pieces that are 2 1/2 ” by 7 1/4″ {short}
  • 6 pieces that are 2 1/2″ by 9 1/4″ {also short}

Assemble wood together by screwing 2 short pieces to one long piece.  This will create 4 short “tables” and 3 taller “tables”

Step 7:  Paint wood white {optional}

Step 8:  Lay out more aluminum foil from the sides of the large roasting pan out toward where the wood will be to hold the food.  It doesn’t have to be exact because you will fold it in a little.Aluminum foil laid out

Step 9:  Place the “tables” about 13 inches away from center roasting pan.  {For one side, you will only have one table.  For the rest, you will have 2 tables, one a bit taller than the first.  Measure the distance from the shorter of the two.  At this point, you want to make sure the aluminum foil you laid out is folded up along the inner side of the tables.  Use the shorter {7 1/4″} tables for this step.  About an inch or two behind that pieces on each side, add the longer {9 1/4″} piece.  For the ends, you will only place the “tables” about 5-6 inches from the center cake board.

Step 10:  Cut your partitions.  Ours are 13 x 7 inches.  Cut a diagonal from top to bottom leaving a few inches at the top that is flat.  We cut two pieces for each partition so that both sides would be white and hot gluing the two pieces together.  Partitions glued together

Step 11:  Add your partitions.  Begin with the outer edge pieces by placing them just INSIDE of the wood for the “table”.  Then, evenly space out the other three pieces.  Hot glue in place if necessary.Partitions

Step 12:  Hot glue green straws along the top edges of the cardboard to create a handrail look.Straws as rails

Step 13:  Measure black card stock to fit the back sides of the back piece of each “table”.    This creates a barrier to keep the food from falling out the back and makes it easy to add more food.Black card stock on back

Add your extra pieces:  {you know, the stuff I had ready and FORGOT to add in}  stadium lights, scoreboard, parking lot, trees, etc..  Now your stadium is finished and ready for the food.  Empty stadiumField and stands

Step 14:  Fill this baby up with some food!

Now comes the fun part – filling up your stadium.  Gather all of your ingredients.  I suggest starting with a few of your favorites like we did.  Some of our must have products for our snack stadium areProduct favorites

  • SNICKERS® Minis 40oz,
  • Skittles® XL 41 oz,
  • Pepsi™ 12 oz. 12 pack,
  • Pepsi™ 20 oz. bottle,
  • TOSTITOS® Scoops, TOSTITOS® Original,
  • TOSTITOS® Chunky Salsa.

Are you getting excited?  I hope so.  We were able to pick up all of our ingredients at Walmart – be sure to check out the game day displays at your local store.

Snack Stadium in store pictures

When I originally planned out this snack stadium, I wanted one side of the stadium to be a sandwich bar with all of the fixings on the second level and the condiments as the sidelines on the field.  The opposite side of the stadium I wanted to be a nacho bar with the meat as the sideline on the field, the chips filling the stands and the toppings on the upper level of the stadium.  For the ends of the field, I wanted a chocolate buffet on one end and on the opposite end of the field I wanted a candy buffet.  For the end zones I wanted one end to be vegetables and the other end zone to be fruit.  The corners of the field are stacked Pepsi™ 12 oz. 12 pack cans.   I wanted to have a little of everything to feed any hungry crowd and I think I did it.  Discover how to build the ultimate snack stadiumDiscover how to build the ultimate snack stadiumDiscover how to build the ultimate snack stadium

Discover how to build the ultimate snack stadium

Discover how to build the ultimate snack stadiumDiscover how to build the ultimate snack stadiumDiscover how to build the ultimate snack stadiumDiscover how to build the ultimate snack stadiumDiscover how to build the ultimate snack stadiumDiscover how to build the ultimate snack stadiumDiscover how to build the ultimate snack stadiumDiscover how to build the ultimate snack stadium
I hope you love how our ultimate snack stadium turned out.  I’d love to know if you have made a game day snack stadium before.  I know I’m not the only one setting up for the big game so check out some other snack stadiums here.


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