25 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men

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I remember the first time I helped fill the stockings on Christmas Eve.  My aunt and I were in the basement of their house, things all laid out on the pool table and a pile of stocking stuffers.  At the time, there were probably only about 16 stockings that my aunt would stuff.  Now there are about 25 and it’s a big job.  I felt so special that night, sitting there helping her, recalling Christmas memories from many years ago or even just the year before.  For years I would drive over there on Christmas Eve and help her fill the stockings before heading home.  Every year more memories were made, and every year she would comment on how difficult it was to buy stocking stuffers for the guys’ stockings.  One year, I was suddenly a real, full blown adult and realized I had to stock the stuffings with things I actually picked out myself and I realized just what a challenge it was shopping for men.

25 Stocking Stuffers Under $25 for MenAfter that first year not turning out so well {which probably bothered me more than it did him}, I figured I would give it some thought and make it awesome next year, so I compiled this list of 25 stocking stuffers for men – all under $20.

  1. John loves to fish.  He would do it every day if he could get away with it.  I like to make sure I have something to do with fishing in his stocking.  Ice fishing poles fit quite nicely in the stockings, but so do the lures.
  2. A pocket knife.  I don’t care how old they get, guys just like these.  A boxer cutter might work also, we use those a lot around here.  #GiftingAMemory Stocking stuffers with men
  3. Jerky.  John loves food, so getting some beef jerky in his stocking makes him so happy.  Sunflower seeds are also a hit.  Or nuts; cashews, walnuts, peanuts, or a mix.
  4. A homemade coupon book.  Put whatever you would like in it; a coupon for a night out with his friends, a weekend away fishing, date night out or in, hanky panky coupons, etc..
  5. Beer mugs.  I think I will make some for John this year but I think I will personalize them with a motorcycle or his name….or just BEER.
  6. There’s no sense having an empty mug – I like to add some beer to his stocking.
  7. Grilling tools.  There may be men out there that don’t love to grill, but I don’t know them.
  8. Grilling spices or marinades.
  9. Lottery tickets.  I love giving these as gifts every now and then.  Putting a few in the stocking make it fun when he opens them, you never know when he will win big.
  10. Fun undies.  A few years ago I gave John some Superman boxers with a cape on the butt.
  11. Duct tape.  With so many fun designs or just plain colors, everybody could use a roll or 10 of it.  No joke – this summer, John almost used Maggie’s Elsa tape to tape up his motorcycle before leaving for Sturgis but I found him another color.
  12. Bathroom reader.  Seriously though, why do men have to read in the bathroom?  {And why haven’t I tried that so I can get some piece and quiet?}
  13. Decals.  I made John a work survival kit this year and filled it with candy.   He liked the decals on it so much that he wants some more for his coffee mug, his truck, whatever else he can think of.
  14. Cologne.  You know how when you first meet a guy, the first thing you notice is how they smell?  You just want to bottle it up to remember that moment?  Now you can.  We gave John some Nautical Voyage cologne for Father’s Day and I love it when he wears it.  I want to make sure he doesn’t run out and remind him to wear it more often so I’m adding a gift set to his stocking this year since I found it at Walmart in the holiday section and the COTY gift sets are only $19.99.  Plus, no matter how hectic things get, you know he will love being able to smell good!    #GiftingAMemory Stocking stuffers with men#GiftingAMemory Stocking stuffers with men
  15. Clip on lights.  John has one that he loses almost every time he uses it but he loves it and uses it often.  The kids think it is so cool that they have their own head lamps too.
  16. Ammunition.  You know, sometimes I think I live with another kid, John gets ridiculously excited every time he picks up a new box of ammo.  I swear, he sees it and gets that look on his face that say, “Please mom, can’t my friends come over and shoot things?”
  17. Smartphone touch screen gloves.  I just came across these but I know he would love these.  He works outside and still needs to use his phone sometimes. Not having to take his gloves off all of the time would be great for him.
  18. Toiletries.  You know, the not so fun but absolutely necessary stuff?  Toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, razors, shaving cream.
  19. Coffee.  Need I say more?  This may be the single thing that gets him through Christmas morning.
  20. Phone charger.  Maybe it is just our house, but we seem to have to replace phone chargers quite often.
  21. Selfie stick!  #GiftingAMemory Stocking stuffers with men
  22. Flashlight.  We seem to lose them a lot around here {and by we I mean John}.  #GiftingAMemory Stocking stuffers with men
  23. Accessories for their electronic devices – GoPro, smartphone {like running band}, car, etc..
  24. Flash drive.
  25. Air fresheners.  I have some fun ones I like to make with our essential oils that have manly scents.

#GiftingAMemory Stocking stuffers with menThese are some of my go-to items to include in stocking stuffers for John.  What are some favorites for the men in your life?  Find more ways to gift a memory this holiday season.


  • Stocking stuffers under $25? Wish I had your budget. If I can’t get a stocking stuffer at the dollar store…then forget it.

    • I know everybody has a different budget. A lot of the things listed could be found at the dollar store or are practical things we need anyways like deodorant, toothpaste, etc.. I just like to make sure we have things that will actually get used and the guys are tougher to buy for.

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