4 Personalized Baptism Gift Ideas

I love being able to find the perfect gift for everybody.  I love finding that one thing that is perfect for every occasion.  The most recent occasion for us was Henry’s baptism.  I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do for his baptism.  I wanted some sort of keepsake to remember his special day.  A baby getting baptized is such a beautiful, special time in their life.  Since most of the time, they aren’t quite old enough to remember anything, making the day special is important to me.  While I was deciding what to do or get for him, I thought of a few other things that make fantastic, personalized baptism gifts and wanted to share them with you.

personalized baptism gifts


We received these complimentary personalized blocks from Smiling Tree Toys that were perfect.  His name and birthdate.  Not only were they a great gift, but a great keepsake for his bedroom.  While they will probably sit on a shelf as he gets older, he will likely play with them as a toddler. He can use them as he learns to spell his name.  They also have a gorgeous keepsake block to commemorate your child’s birth.

Personalized baptism giftPersonalized baptism gifts


My sister has gotten each of my kids a personalized frame from their baptism.  They are perfect and help me remember when each child was baptized.

 baptism picture frame


I wouldn’t have thought of this, but Henry got a beautiful baptism ornament from his grandparents.  Such a great idea, and something you will see and remember each year.



Not just any old teether.  I’m talking about a personalized wooden teether.  Of course they will gnaw on it for awhile, but when they are done, it will be a great decoration for their bedroom.


I love that I can get most of these things from Smiling Tree Toys.  A Minnesota company that is local to me that I absolutely love.  They make a wide variety of handcrafted items that are perfect for any occasion.  More than just handmade though, they strive to add that eco friendly touch.  Using sustainably harvested American hardwoods and using a homegrown organic camelina oil/beeswax finish, Justin and Kathleen work hard to maintain that quality you want without sacrificing a thing.  Handmade items are perfect for decorating for their special events or for no reason at all.

 Personalized baptism gifts

What are some of your favorite gifts for baptism?  Do you like to add that personal touch to your gifts?


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