#30 things Day 24 The best and the worst…..of parenting

The best part of parenting?  Getting to love up on your little ones all day long!  I mean seriously, when your baby boy grabs your face and pulls it in to kiss (or eat) is the best.  Or when your 2 year old says mama, I want to snuggle, it doesn’t get any better.  I love being able to teach them what I want them to learn and hopefully to lead by example.  
The worst or hardest part of parenting?  Screwing up!!!  You try as a parent to do everything right.  That doesn’t always work out.  You think you are making the best decision for your children, only to find out that it wasn’t really the best decision.  Or, you make what you think is the best decision, and the right one for your family, only to be attacked by other moms because of that choice, or just plain being judged by other moms!  To me, that’s the worst part.  I know I’m not a perfect mom….. but I do the best I can.  
But aside from that part being the worst, the hardest part of actually parenting is having the patience to deal with the situation like you should when all you really want to do is scream!  
How about you, what do you find to be the best and worst things about parenting?

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