5 Long Weeks

I bet you think I am talking about my pregnancy…I am not.  The 5 weeks I have left don’t seem so long.  
John will be home in a few hours.  Maggie and I will be so happy to see him!  He has been gone for almost 5 weeks working.  I am used to 2-3 week stretches.  That’s normal for us, but anything longer seems like forever.  Maggie has missed him so much!  As soon as she gets up in the morning, she grabs my phone and asks for daddy.  She talks about him a lot, but usually will just grab my phone and keep saying my daddy until we call him.  And anytime the phone rings, she comes up running yelling, “It’s my daddy!”  She tends to get pretty upset if it isn’t her daddy on the phone.  
He is worried she won’t be excited to see him when he walks in the door.   I KNOW she will be excited!  Everytime a truck or motorcycle goes by somewhere she yells my daddy at it.  I love the look on her face when she sees him pull in the driveway!  Probably the only thing she gets more excited about than our dogs.  
And of course, his trip home is being delayed or he would be here already.  Because of the insane amounts of rain yesterday and today, the road he is on right now is down to one lane because there was a mudslide on the road and there’s so much water on the road.  Not to mention the accidents out there because people can’t just slow down a little bit.  Oh well, he will be here soon enough.  Then we will hang out for a few hours and then pack up and head for the cabin for the weekend.  Unfortunately, it’s supposed to rain every day except for tomorrow while he is home.  I had hoped he would be able to spend time every day fishing.  He definitely deserves a break.  
He is only staying gone this long to make / save up some extra money so he can be home longer when the baby is born.  He goes back to work on Tuesday and won’t come back until the baby is here.  No vacation pay really stinks!  


  • I don’t know how you can do five weeks. My hubby has to go out of town alot too. But luckily it’s only for a week. Worst thing we get put through is when they make him leave for a week, then have him home for a week and then send him out again etc. Hope he made it home safe and sound 🙂

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