5 Must Have Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag+ Everything Else I am Packing

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After having 2 kids, there has still been something I forget when I head to the hospital.  Perhaps that is because I don’t pre pack it for the most part, and then when it is time, I just throw a few things into the bag and go.  There were some things with Maggie that just never crossed my mind until I was there.  With Charlie, it was simply forgetfulness.  Here are my must have items for the hospital bag.

 5 Must Have Items to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Q-Tips  I’m serious here – I thought I was going to die without them!  I know, they aren’t great to use for your ears, but I go nuts if I don’t have q-tips to use after I shower.


Phone Charger How can you Instagram and Facebook a million pictures from the hospital if you have a dead batter?


Camera You cannot leave home without it when it is time to meet that gorgeous little person you have been growing.


Extra battery for the camera  Doesn’t it seem like the battery always dies at the most inopportune moment?


Chapstick  I actually had to have my sister stop and pick some up for me when Maggie was born.  I never leave home without my chapstick so I was surprised that I forgot it.


Okay, that is my list of things that are actually easy to forget.  Here is what else I will be packing.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash.  

Hairbrush.  You will probably want this soon after delivery.

Shampoos, conditioners, face wash, etc.  I love my Pretty Mommies and will be bringing it with me to the hospital.


Snacks.  After giving birth to Charlie, I sent John to find me food.  ASAP.  I don’t know about everybody else, but I have vomited before delivering both of the kids.  I thought I was going to die from hunger!!!  Now, I will have a stash of something protein packed in my bag so I don’t go through that again.

Nursing bras.  I mean that to be plural.  My boobs have a mind of their own and I’m fairly certain the size changes every day lately.  If I don’t pack more than one, I will probably bring this one because it stretches to fit.

Nursing BraClothes.  Whether you bring just one outfit to wear home or a couple to wear while you are there.  It is said to bring clothes that fit when you were about 4 months pregnant.

Socks.  Although our hospital has them, I remember with Maggie that during labor, my feet would be freezing, then sweating, then freezing, you get the idea.

Gown.  I am reviewing a Pretty Pushers birth gown and I am so looking forward to looking prettier than those hospital gowns!  Especially after spending last Friday in one, I know I want to look better!

Cloth Diapers.  Because I may be an addict.  Or I may not.  If you don’t use cloth diapers, many hospitals allow you to take the package of diapers with you when you check out.

Cloth Diapers

My labor and delivery seems to go rather quickly once I get to the hospital, plus I have lots of family there to keep me company, but if this is your first one, you may want to take a game, book, or something else to fill the time in case your labor is progressing slowly.  My sister and I played Monopoly while she was in labor to kill the time.


What do you pack in your hospital bag?


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