5 All natural products for new moms {Balm Baby review}

*Disclosure:  I received complimentary products from Balm Baby for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

I remember quite clearly, after having Maggie, I was taking a shower one morning.  As I went through my routine, my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shave gel, that every single one of these products was on my skin.  I stopped as I was using my body wash and read the ingredients.  I was a bit horrified.  I was breastfeeding and my sweet baby girl was touching my skin for so many hours a day which meant all of these nasty products could be touching her skin too.  I got out of the shower, put on my deodorant and realized some things needed to change.

First up was to get rid of some of the chemicals I was putting on my baby, and the first change was to start using cloth diapers.  That was my gateway into the all natural world.  Along the way, I was lucky enough to win a few products from BALM! Baby, and they quickly became some of my favorite items to have.  I knew I wanted to partner with BALM! Baby and share some of these amazing products with you.

I also think these products I was sent for review would be great for a new mom trying to make more natural choices in her life.  After all, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  It starts with one small change at a time.

Balm Baby

One product I kept talking about changing was my deodorant, but just hadn’t done it yet.  PITS! by Taylor’s is a mix of herbal infused Hawaiian oils, soothing shea butter & essential oils {that are safe for pregnant and nursing moms}.   All organic and natural ingredients and made in Hawaii and the main ingredients come from a local organic farm.

Balm Baby

Because it is in a glass jar instead of roll on, you will want to use an applicator to avoid contamination.  I used reusable cloth wipes for this.  I received the vanilla grapefruit EO blend.  The smell was both subtle and pleasant.  My 7 year old niece was over one day, and saw me putting some on and wanted some for herself.  I told her go ahead.  She was so excited about it, and her mom later informed me that she talked about it for at least a week, wishing she had some of her own.  She’s so cute.  I really liked it, and found it to be quite effective on most days.  There were a few days where I noticed that I should probably reapply some, but only one or two.  Most days, it was plenty effective for 18 hours.

PITS is available in 4 different scents, which one is your favorite?  You can pick up a 2 oz/60 mL glass jar of PITS natural deodorant for $7.49 and know you are loving our ecosystem with a completely reusable jar.

 Balm Baby

Lip Balm.  This is one of those can’t live without things.  I must use mine about a million times a day.  And the kids are always wanting to steal it and use it as well.  PUCKER! Lip Balm is an all natural alternative to what I have been using.  I didn’t think to request a certain scent, and wish I had because I received the peppermint and I try to stay away from that while I”m breastfeeding.  You have to check out their flavors though, I really would love to try the chocolate creamsicle because it sounds amazing!  There are 7 different flavors you can choose from.


Made with Hawaiian coconut, hawaiian macadamia nut, sweet almond oil infused in herbs of calendula & chamomile, candelilla wax, shea butter, sesame seed oil used for SPF, vitamin e T-50 and an essential oil blend based on the flavor you choose.  The main ingredients come from a local Big Island Organic Farm.  The lip blame is stored in recycled aluminum to be earth friendly as well.


You can pick up your own tin of PUCKER! lip balm for $3.99.

Balm Baby

Be well stay well baby!  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided on this, but knew I wanted anything that would help keep my little people healthy!  It comes in a glass bottle with a glass dropper.  Made with elderberries, it has a very strong smell!  It says you may want to add to milk or juice, and we have every time.  The kids like it.  The smell seems to surprise me every time, but that may be due to being pregnant.  Especially during cold and flu season, it is nice to have this extra defense for my kids immune systems.  You can pick up a bottle with either a sweet glycerine or an alcohol base for $9.95.

Balm Baby

One of my very favorite BALM! baby products is organic SANITIZE those HANDS!  I have always kept hand sanitizer in my diaper bag or purse or car just to be safe, but most of the time, I absolutely hated using it.  SANITIZE those HANDS is fantastic .  Not only is it not oily on my hands, but the smell is amazing!  It is a subtle, orange scent that I love.  It comes in a recycled aluminum spray container that is perfect for the diaper bag or purse, or wherever you need it.  Plus, unlike many hand sanitizers, this can’t just pop open and spill all over your purse or diaper bag.  It’s made with Hawaiian sugar cane ethanol, Hawaiian macadamia nut oil, lavender and orange oil.  Seriously, this is the best stuff ever!  It is one product that I will absolutely continue to buy over the years and you can pick up your own SANITIZE those HANDS for $5.49.

Balm Baby

The Herbal Baby Wash & Shampoo is great.  I hate to put chemicals on my kids when Im bathing them.  Kind of seems a little silly.  In a recycled aluminum container, it also comes with a push top for dispensing it during bath time.   It is made from rosemary, chamomile, calendula and comfrey, as well as lavender and orange essential oils for scent.  The kids love using it because I don’t have to worry about them if they want to wash  themselves {and they always want to wash themselves}.  They are able to pump it out themselves, wash their hair and their body with one soap, and {attempt} to rinse it all out themselves.  It is not tear free, so you want to avoid the eyes with it.

Balm Baby

And lastly, something I really think every person, both adult and child alike can benefit from –RAW materials  lavender essential oil.  I love essential oils and lavender has so many uses.  From calming, soothing, antiseptic and anti-bacterial you will likely continue finding more uses for it.  One of my favorite uses is to dilute it and put it on my kids’ feet before bed to help calm them so they can sleep a little better.  It is also great to use on cuts, swelling, seriously awesome stuff!  Available in 10, 15 or 30 mL bottles, well, you should just get the 30mL bottle because you will use it for everything!  Seriously, it’s suppose to even work to keep those annoying box elder bugs and ladybugs out of your house, I just haven’t gotten around to trying that yet, but I will be!


If you haven’t used BALM! Baby products before, you should check them out.  Some of my favorites that aren’t already mentioned here, are the Eucalyptus chest and tummy rub, and JUICE those wipes {my absolute favorite wipe solution after trying tons of different ones}.


*Disclosure:  I received promotional items for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*


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