5 Tips for Winter Babywearing Safety

5 Tips for Winter Babywearing Safety

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Guess what happened today?  It snowed!!!  Not the kind that does much, but the white stuff just barely hangs around and I get to watch the wonder and amazement as my newly turned four-year-old stared out the window, bubbling with excitement to go play in the snow.  Winter is just around the corner here in Minnesota but that won’t stop us babywearing.  After all, my little guy has two older siblings and we have places to be, whether he can keep up with the walking or not.  However, there are some simple, yet important winter babywearing safety tips that should be followed.


All of these are tips I follow that got us through an extremely long and cold day last winter with a three-year-old on my back.  It was -10 degrees Fahrenheit, it had been cold for so long and we needed to get out and have some fun.  Not only that, but we had a very exciting place to be and we weren’t missing out just because it was cold out.  As they say, there’s no bad weather – just bad clothing.  Just where were we off to in this weather?  First, an ice-fishing contest for the kids.  Then, straight from there, grab a bite to eat on the way and a photo-shoot at the barn with one of the best horse photographers in the country.  Maggie had a chance to be a part of this amazing experience and we were ready to brave the cold to make it happen.


TIP #1

Be sure you have a carrier with a good fit.  We love the Omni 360 Baby Carrier All-In-One for a lot of reasons.  Perhaps my favorite is this detachable pouch.  One thing I’ve always found that carriers lack is a place for my stuff.  I want to have things like my phone, my chapstick, my money and keys with me when I don’t want to carry my purse with me.  It was definitely like a dream come true for me.    

I love the versatility in carrying positions that the carrier can use.  Even better is that you can switch from one to the other in seconds.  The slide adjustment for front carries is fabulous so baby fits really comfortably in the best position.  This was especially hand when I was watching a baby girl a few months ago.  She just wanted to be in the carrier on my front and snuggled up so happy.  When Henry wanted in, it took mere seconds to get it just perfect for him.  Easy adjustments are a life-saver, especially in the winter so we can stay close and not get cold while we re-adjust.  Not only that, but I take my carrier to craft shows to wear Henry if he wants up and it is busy.  On many occasions, I have lent it out to lots of other moms with kids that need an extra hand.  Just the other day it was a mom with a three-month old baby and being able to adjust to fit her baby in seconds was so great.


The crossable straps and lumbar support make this carrier extremely comfortable and well-fitting.  The extra layers you are wearing and your child is wearing can quite literally weigh you down.  Making sure your carrier is as comfortable fitting as possible will save your day.


TIP #2

Dress your child in pants an extra size too big and add long socks or leg warmers.  When they sit in the carrier, their pant legs come up just a bit and leave that little bit of skin exposed.  Especially in the weather we were in, that couldn’t happen.  If snow pants don’t fit well in the comfortable, an extra pair of pants in a larger size over their pants will help keep them warm.

TIP #3

Dress in layers.  You want your first layer to be warm, yet thin and comfortable.  This allows for a better fit inside the carrier.  If that layer is too bulky, you may have difficulty getting a good seat for your child.  Plus, it helps keep the body heat between mom and child.  Be sure to include mittens that stay on – I’m just saying….have you ever tried putting your baby’s mittens back on them when they are on your back?  Don’t forget a hat!  A thin snowsuit works well, but bulky snowsuits don’t always fit well in carriers.

TIP #4

Add a blanket tucked around the outside of the carrier or winter weather cover over the back of the carrier and child.  Again, this will help keep your body heat between you and your child.


TIP #5

Be mindful of your baby or toddler and check his body temperature often. While in the carrier, you are likely moving around to keep warm but your child is just hanging out and his fingers or toes could get cold.  Since you are bundled up, you also want to make sure he doesn’t get overheated.  On the same note, be sure they can breathe.  Henry loves his face masks and he is usually talking to me, so I know he can breathe well.

These safety tips can help you and your child enjoy a fun-filled winter day while staying safe, warm and comfortable.  What are your best winter babywearing tips?  Let me know, then get out and have some winter fun with your little one.  


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