5 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Pets

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Let me be clear.  Valentine’s Day has never really been my favorite holiday.  The only reason I even like it a little is because it is fun to celebrate with the kids.  This year, I wanted to do something really special – for our dog.  This last year, our other dog died, and 8 months later, our dog still misses her buddy.  You can see her still lay her head in the windowsill looking out, just waiting for good old Buddy Boy to walk around.  We’ve kind of spoiled her a ton since then, so this year, Valentine’s Day was going to be awesome.  Here are a few ways we have found to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your pets.

Pet gift ideas
Get out and play

We happen to live very near a wildlife refuge.  Lady Jane loves it if we take her on walks there where she can sniff out the wildlife and run around.  Dog parks are also an option that your dog will likely love.

Get a new toy

Dog toysPick her up one of her favorite toys that needs replacing.  Whether it is a squeaker toy, a ball that holds treats, ropes, or a stuffed animal, she is sure to love having a new toy.

Spice up their food or play station

Lady Jane StationWe just got this pet food cabinet from The Lakeside Collection for Lady Jane.  Now, we can keep track of her food and water dishes {seriously, this is harder than you might think with a few little kids around}, her toys, leash, a spot to hold her collar, her brush, treats and food.  We decorated with her initials to make it perfect for her.

Bake up some homemade treats

I always intend to do this, but among the other billion projects I have going, we haven’t gotten around to it.  I am hoping that soon we are able to make Lady Jane some of these because I know she will love it.  When we do, we will be making these treats for her.

Just give them love

Puppy loveIf a dog can be loved too much, ours sure is.  The kids try to use her for a stepping stool if she is in their way, but she is one of their best friends.  They dress her up quite often.  She’s been known to wear a purse, necklace, dress up wings, and of course antlers!

We couldn’t have asked for a better dog for our family, and we are excited to really make her Valentine’s Day special this year.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your pets?  What do you do to make their day special?


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