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Bump Update: 23 Weeks

If I had to guess, I would say baby is going through a growth spurt.  I have been starving to the point where I’m sure I will be sick if I go longer than 2 hours without eating a bunch of food.  Especially toward the end of the day, I am so hungry!  Not only that, I am flat out exhausted.  I know we had a fun weekend at the Wisconsin Dells and probably recovering a little bit, but I get to where I can hardly keep my eyeballs open throughout the day.   Baby is about the size of a papaya now, measuring about 8 inches and slightly over a pound.  Baby will about double his or her weight over the next month.  I feel humongous!  It sure feels like baby is bigger than this already.  Most days, there is a ton of movement, and it’s so much fun to lay my hand on that spot and feel baby or even just watch baby moving around. Seriously, my boobs look weird.  Not sure what’s up with that!   We had our follow up ultrasound to get a better picture of the heart chambers last Thursday, and I asked what babies position was.  I was pretty certain that that morning baby had flipped and was no longer breech.  I was right {because I’m smart like that}.  I felt like I could feel and identify body parts based on where and what I was feeling.  Baby was being all sorts of cute again during the ultrasound.  We got a pretty cool picture of the eye.  We could actually see the eye moving during the ultrasound.  Baby kept moving his or her arms up over his / her head.  We did get a great picture of babies heart chamber this time.   We have our 24 weeks appointment next […]

Bump Update: Week 25

Baby is up to the 9 inch mark, and about a pound and a half.  I am still blown away that something so tiny still can seem so big.  When my belly is moving around, it feels like the baby is huge!  Tonight, baby seems to be changing positions again.  I am fairly certain that, for the moment at least, baby is laying sideways in there.  My stomach is stretched sideways in this oblong shape right now.  It’s a pretty big week for baby right now.  Air sacs will develop in baby’s lungs this week and help prepare for baby’s first breath!!! I was told again this week that I look huge, way bigger than what I should look like.  I kind of want to punch people in the face.  My doctor even said I looked great, average.  I don’t feel like I look abnormally large.  After all, I am 25 weeks along, not 12!  Most weeks, I feel pretty good, most days even.  It seems that at least once a week though, my hips hurt so much.  Most of the time, my back as well.  To the point where it is insanely hard to change positions.  Standing up is a real chore.  It seemed to help a lot to go to the chiropractor last week, so I think I will start going weekly and see if that helps.   We should probably hop back on the name train and see if we can come up with a boy name that we like in the event that baby is a boy.  Haha.  I can’t believe how hard it is for us to come up with a boys name we like.  The girls name was easy for us.   Another really pleasant pregnancy symptom that I’m experiencing is one I had with Charlie’s pregnancy as well.  My boobs would throb, ache so badly when I was cold.  Today was a really windy, chilly day out.  Temp said 60’s, but with the cool wind, it didn’t feel like it.  I wanted to cry from how bad my boobs were hurting […]

Bump Update: Week 27

Holy smokes!  I just realized that this is the last week in the 2nd trimester.  You know, when I found out I was pregnant, I was way off on the due date that I thought I had.  I thought that somehow I was 16 weeks pregnant and was totally shocked that I was just finding out.  Then, I had the dating ultrasound and it turned out we were only 8 weeks and a few days.  Hmm.  That sure changed things!  And made the first trimester in which I was constantly nauseous, seem to last forever!  Then suddenly I made it to the second trimester and it is just flying by! I don’t have much to say about this last week.  I just signed up for fall ball, so I will be playing ball until September or October whenever the season ends….or when it starts to be uncomfortable or hurt or, in the event there is something else that comes up that causes me to stop.  I love my doctor because she is alright with it and encourages the physical activity as long as there are no problems.   I’ve been feeling pretty great lately, although my hip has been hurting a lot lately.  It’s kind of annoying, but if that is the worst of it, I will take it.  One of my boobs has gotten a lot larger.  Only one.  I feel quite lopsided!   Baby is cruising right along now, at about 14 inches and over 2 pounds.  Baby may even be able to recognize my voice now, and I’m sure those of Maggie and Charlie!  Plus, baby has all of those taste buds developed now and may even react to certain foods.  What I know for sure is that this baby loves to move!  It feels like another Charlie in there, wiggle wiggle wiggle all day long!  It’s so sweet, and I love to watch the baby move some body part and watch it roll across my belly button.   On a side note, in the event the baby is a boy, I still have no idea what his name will be.  We should probably take some time and give it some […]

Bump Update: 20 Weeks

I cannot believe this pregnancy has reached the halfway point already!  At first it seemed like it was going so slowly, now it feels like it is racing by.   The last week was a bit rough on me.  Over the weekend I had been doing good, but then Monday my stomach was a mess and it lasted into Tuesday.  It finally went away, so that was nice.  Then on Thursday I threw up as soon as I finished eating breakfast.  I can’t complain since that was only the second time this pregnancy, but it was kind of annoying.  My stomach was queasy all day long.  But….onto the good stuff.   We had our 20 week appointment and ultrasound on Thursday as well.  Baby looks great. I love this picture from the ultrasound, baby had kicked a leg over the belly, then shoved a hand into his/her mouth.  It was so sweet.  Love love love.  Baby’s heartbeat is around 140 this time and was finally really easy to find.  During the ultrasound, every time the tech was trying to get a picture of the heart chambers, baby would twist around.  She had to keep alternating between spine and heart pictures because baby wouldn’t stop twisting back and forth.  It was pretty funny. Baby is roughly the size of a banana now.  According to the ultrasound, weighing in at about 14 ounces.  In the event I ever get to just sit down, I can feel baby moving around quite a bit, but that opportunity doesn’t come up too often.  Sitting in the car isn’t very comfortable when I’m driving.  Baby does something to make me uncomfortable.  Boy or girl, those parts are doing their job right now.  Ovaries are there or testicles are descending.  No, we didn’t find out the gender, we love the surprise of it all come baby’s birthday. I wanted to share a picture of me at 20 weeks with both of my other kids, but can’t seem to find my 20 week picture of Charlie, but here is me pregnant with Maggie and me pregnant this time […]

Bump Update: 19 Weeks

I have to admit, at 19 weeks pregnant, I feel pretty amazing.  There have actually been days here or there where I don’t feel nauseous at all.  I’m still down 4 pounds, but definitely look pregnant.  The one pregnancy symptom I notice quite regularly is dizziness.  Whenever I stand up, I get a little dizzy, so I have to be sure to hold on to something just in case.  I also get winded really easily, as in, even going downstairs, not just up.   This pregnancy has been very different all along, starting with the lack of bleeding during those first few weeks which was a welcome relief.  With Maggie, that went on throughout the pregnancy.  With Charlie, it was 2 straight weeks in the beginning.  I also feel like this baby sits higher than either of them did.   Next Friday is my appointment for my 20 week check-up as well as the ultrasound.  We will not be finding out the gender of this baby either which makes it all the more exciting for me.   The kids are both starting to talk about baby a lot.  They lift up my shirt and give the baby belly kisses.  It is really adorable.   I’ve never nested with either of the kids, but feel like I’ve been doing that all along this time.  Well, at least since I developed energy!  Or, it may just be that I have about a billion projects I’d like to get finished.  I decided while laying Charlie down for nap today that I absolutely have to paint my bedroom.  It’s been in my mind for a few years, but I think it may just get done soon {like right after we replace the patio door in there}.   Baby’s arms and legs are in the right position and proportionate to the body now.  The brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch. Baby is weighing in at a whopping 1/2 pound now!  And reaching about 6 inches.  Those little movements are way more often now, but will also go most of a day without noticing.  I love feeling those little reminders that it is a real person growing inside there, it is amazing every single time.  Plus, just this last week I actually was able to feel the baby move with my hand, although for anybody else to feel it, they kind of have to feel me up! […]

Tips for Surviving a Summer Pregnancy

*Disclosure:  I received a complimentary product for the purpose of this review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*   I remember very clearly these 2 days when I was 8 or 9 months pregnant with Maggie.  It was over 100 degrees outside, and our air conditioning quit working.  We really needed to replace a bunch of windows in our living room, but hadn’t done it yet.  To create, or attempt to create a cross breeze, I opened the patio door and some windows.  I laid on the floor in front of the patio door feeling the sad, pathetic attempt at a breeze that was coming through the house.  It was suppose to storm that night, so I shut and locked the windows when I went to bed.  Well, one of the windows wasn’t cooperating, but I thought I had it shut all of the way.  In the middle of the night I wake up to this very loud noise and it sounded like the hail was actually in our living room.  I go downstairs to discover that the wind had ripped the window wide open.  So here I go, very pregnant into the pitch black of night to try and shut that window during a storm.  Good times!     Keeping cool in the summer can be tricky enough, but to keep cool when you are pregnant all summer can be all the more difficult, and important.  If you are like me, getting overly hot seems to cause cramping and contractions, so I try to avoid it.  Here are some of the things I have found to help me survive 2, going on 3 summers of being pregnant.   Stay in the air conditioning.  This is also impossible to do all of the time, but if it is extremely hot out, I try to stay in for the most part of the day.   When outside, try to stay in a shaded area.  We don’t have much shade at our house, so I try to stay close to the garage.   Get in the water.  I have found that even having a small pool for the kids and keeping my feet in it helped me to stay cool while we played outside.   If you have long hair, keep it up.  Just having your neck exposed helps cool your body down.   Keep a pocket fan with you.  While they don’t create much breeze, they give you a brief reprieve from the heat.   Go outside during the morning or evening hours.  The sun is lower, the temperatures cooler, and you may find more shade to hide out in.   Stay hydrated.  Drink plenty of cold beverages throughout the day to prevent dehydration.  This, along with a lowered salt intake will help decrease swelling of the feet.   Wear light colored clothing.  I love maternity clothing, and there are so many trendy, affordable options for every pregnant mama.  One of my favorite places to shop is Milan Maternity.  I absolutely love this Rosalie top that I have.  Not only is it a great shirt for any time of year, but it is a great shirt to get me from early pregnancy and beyond.  I can wear this shirt anytime, pregnant or not.  I also love that I can wear this shirt and have easy breastfeeding access.  I love that Milan Maternity offers tons of shirts that I would love to have as part of my maternity or nursing wardrobe.  Just because I’ve got a big old belly doesn’t mean I don’t want to look my best!   Have you spent the summer pregnant?  How did you stay cool?  Which shirt from Milan Maternity is your favorite?   Enter to win a top from Milan Maternity through July 15th […]