Make lasting memories with this Christmas keepsake

Since Maggie’s first Christmas, having a family ornament has become a tradition for us.  Last year, I was lucky enough to work with Ornaments with Love and received this ornament that I was so proud to hang on our tree and show to absolutely everybody who walked into the house.


We love that ornament so much, so, imagine my excitement when they contacted me about reviewing an ornament again this year!  Ornaments with Love makes such gorgeous, quality ornaments.  We buy each of the kids an ornament, and one for each other each year, and some of them just feel cheap and I worry about them breaking.  Our Ornaments with Love ornaments are durable and amazing!  Check it out ~

Ornaments with Love

With the ginormous {is that a word?  spell check didn’t underline it} selection of ornaments, you are sure to find something for everybody.  Whether it’s your kids, pets, friends, as a thanks you gift, you name it, they have got the perfect ornament!  See what others are choosing by checking out their Facebook page.

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