A dream come true {Wordless Wednesday}

A dream come true {Wordless Wednesday}

Growing up, I was told, if I could find a Grand Piano for under $1000, I could have it.  I never found it.  Today, John was stalking Craigslist and saw a baby grand piano for FREE!!!  Really?  We spent the day trying to find help to move it.  When he called to see if it was still there, there were about 40 calls on it.  John got a few of his friends together, and now I have a Baby Grand Piano!  John has to put the cover on still, as well as the pedals, but tomorrow, I am going to be playing.  As you can see, Charlie man loves it!  On a side note, now we have to decide what to do with the upright piano in the other room, but it is really nice to have one that is tuned.  A little sanding and some stain and it will look fantastic again!!!

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