A Father’s Day Treat from Emeals – Yum!

Do I have your attention yet?  Yum, right?  I know, my mouth is watering now too!  I know around here, the way to John’s heart is often times through food!  Especially a yummy dessert after a 10 hour work day.  Being an emeals blogging partner, I have gotten to try out a lot of new recipes using our complimentary emeals meal plan.

We do a weekly meal plan, and I have a tough time coming up with meal ideas sometimes.  Our emeals plan is fantastic because I don’t have to think about what to make for dinner, it’s already done!  The meals we have tried have all been yummy and many of them have become regular meal ideas.

Okay, onto the good stuff, the recipe for this yumminess.

1/2 cup milk

4 cups vanilla ice cream
3 store bought or homemade brownies, chopped Caramel or hot fudge topping (optional)

1. Place milk in a blender.
2. Add ice cream; blend until smooth.
3. Add half of brownies to blender; pulse until brownies are blended. 4. Spoon into glasses; drizzle with desired topping.
5. Top milkshakes with remaining brownies.

Now that you have a great treat idea for Father’s Day, why not get your own subscription to meals.  It will simplify your life and your family is sure to love new dinner ideas.  

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