A Happy Green Life *Review and Giveaway*

Amanda from A Happy Green Life was kind enough to send me some samples of
A Happy Green Life Natural Laundry Wash to try out.  The three scents I chose were Lavender Apple, Love Spell, and Mountain Fresh.  These smell fantastic!  Just walking into the laundry room, I can smell them and it freshens it up in there.  

A Happy Green Life  was started in 2012 by Amanda and Kristin.  Their goal is to make green living easy while being easy on a budget.  Why did they create detergent?  They both cloth diapered their babies and wanted a safe and gentle detergent that got the stink out.  After lots of research and testing, they have A Happy Green Life Natural Laundry Wash.
We received 3 samples and used them all.  I really like this detergent.  I had noticed how stinky my microfiber was getting, especially overnight.  After washing our diapers in these samples, I have noticed less stinkiness from those same diapers.  This made me very happy!  I am pregnant, and the morning stink from her diapers makes me want to throw up on her, so anything that helps with that is wonderful!  
I don’t notice the scent after my wash and rinse cycles, so I know the detergent is rinsing out very well.  The detergent comes in a huge variety of scents with cute names that you can check out here.  They even have seasonal scent choices like Easter Bunny Burps and Jelly Bean.  They also have some retailer exclusive scents.  
They also carry other natural items like Kitchen soap, Aroma spray, unpaper towels and cloth wipes.  Another thing I really like about their Laundry Wash is the price.  Only $10.00 for a 50/100 bag of detergent.  
Now, your turn:  
Buy it:    A Happy Green Life 
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