A laid back, easy and perfect Saturday with my babies

Today, sitting around, I realized we just had to go do something.  I started searching local events online looking for something FREE and different that we could do.  I found the Farmer’s Market and decided that would be our fun.  I keep meaning to go, but then forget about it.   So we got dressed and headed out.  It is a pretty small market, but it was just perfect for the kids.  Maggie was so excited to see the flowers people were selling and carried it over to show me.  Then, she was super excited when one of the vendors gave her a tomato to eat.  We visited each and every stand.  Maggie got to pick out something, and she choose a basket of tomatoes.  I choose some fresh green beans and we just had to get a treat – chocolate zucchini bread, yummy!  The last one was a guy selling blueberries.  As we talked to him, he said that his blueberry patch just opened for the season yesterday and was right down the road.  That sounded like the perfect thing to do!


Off we went and it was so much fun picking blueberries with my babies.  They did a good job picking and an even better job of eating as they went!  Maggie was so cute because she got excited at every single bush we walked past because she could see more berries. Note to self, even the 1 year old gets his own pail next time!  Charlie loved reaching into the bush and trying to grab a blueberry.  And then quickly shove it in his mouth!  But man, he wanted a bucket of his own.

Our Piece of eArth, Blueberry picking

It truly was a perfect Saturday for the kids and I.  What did you do this weekend?  Anything fun or out of the ordinary?  Have your kids been berry picking before?


  • We are a Army family that moves every 3 years. This next move we are finally getting a house and I can’t wait to start planting and playing with my babies in our backyard! I can’t wait to visit the local farmers markets in our new area as well! Great inspiration for my girls to start planting!

    • How exciting to be able to start planning all of that fun. I’m so bummed our plans for a garden didn’t work out. Especially after visiting with the neighbors yesterday and seeing and eating their delicious garden food.

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