Fun and Easy Ideas for Baby's First Easter Basket

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Since baby Henry is our 3rd, we kind of have it all already.  I’ve been trying to not buy so many toys for the kids for holidays or birthdays, and instead finding other fun and creative ways to give them gifts.  While Maggie and Charlie will be getting art supply Easter baskets, baby Henry will only be 5 months old and is a bit young for that stuff.  I’ve been having so much fun getting his Easter basket together and can’t wait to share it with you.  Are you ready to see what he will be getting?

Great ideas for baby's first Easter basket.

Teething Necklace  I will admit, I was a skeptic at first, but when Charlie was a baby and I took off his teething necklace, I could tell every time if I forgot to put it back on in the morning.  Since I imagine Henry will begin teething at some point in the future, I definitely want him to have his own teething necklace.

Baltic amber teething necklace, spark of amber

Shaker Eggs  These are so much fun and super easy to make.  You can fill them with anything and the baby will love them { and I bet so will your older kids}.    This way, baby still gets some colorful eggs even though he is too young for candy.


Outfit, hat or socks  Since I am pretty sure one of every sock disappears when I was laundry, I am constantly searching for socks.  Plus, his little feet went and grew on me!  Even though I still have all of Charlie’s clothes, they are opposite seasons, so right now, he still could use some new, warmer clothes.


Book  If you follow along, you know that we really love books!  You can check out some of our favorites on the Books We Love tab.  Or, find out how we built our home library for almost free.  And, find out how you can get started with your own Little Free Library.  Rest assured, there are never too many books here, and quite often, they get new ones in their stockings or Easter baskets.

Easter books for babies

Dishes  Henry is a little young still, but before we know it, he will be sitting at the table having a meal with the rest of us.  He got a new plate in his Christmas stocking, and will be getting some new bowls for Easter.


Sippy Cup/Cup  Each of my kids have always had a few sippy cups.  2 for water, so one is always clean as they get older and want to carry one around the house or in the car.  We also keep a few more for when they begin drinking breastmilk or regular milk or juice.


Toys  Even though he probably {okay, definitely} doesn’t need any toys, of course I still want to get him something!  I love these fun, colorful toys that Nuby sent us for review {and he loves testing them out ahead of time}.  The Squeeze n’ Squeak is his favorite lately.  He loves how easy it is to grab with the different shapes, and he really loves when I squeak it for him.

What are the best toys for baby

The safari chimes are perfect for hanging on his carseat so he has something fun to try to play with {and eat}, plus, it has a pleasant chime that really grabs his attention and distracts him if he is fussing a little.  Henry is a big fan of trying to eat the alligator {or crocodile, I don’t know the difference}.

What are the best toys for baby

Every baby should have a mirror and the look at me baby mirror is perfect.  As with all Nuby products, it is so easy for their tiny hands to grip, and baby loves to stare at his handsome self in the mirror.

What are the best toys for baby

Every baby wants a lovey of some sort, and the Nuby Teething Blankie is so cute.  With a squeaky animal in the center, and a crunchy sound that babies seem to love, this is sure to be a favorite for any baby.  With multiple teething surfaces on each corner of the blankie, you won’t want to leave home without this one.

What are the best toys for baby

The Twisty Bugz Teether may be my favorite.  It twists, clicks and rattles, and if I am just standing around, I find myself twisting it around and around.  Henry really likes all of the other features as well, like the different textures it has all over it.  He isn’t teething yet, but he loves to chew on things.  He loves all of the little nubs that he can chew on that can help soothe your teething baby’s gums.  With PurIce Gel, it will stay cool longer than water filled tethers.

What are the best toys for baby

What do you think, will baby Henry LOVE his very first Easter basket?  What will be in your baby’s first Easter basket?  




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