A swimsuit every little girl should have

Now that Maggie is potty trained, I dreaded pulling her wet swimsuit up and down each time she has to use the potty.  She can wait forever, or she may have to go a bunch of times.  Seriously, I don’t even like pulling my own suit up and down when it is wet.  When I discovered SnapMe Swimwear, I knew without a doubt that I had to get one of these for my daughter.  Thankfully, they agreed to send me one free for review.  Yay!


I revisited their website and started searching through suits, deciding which one I liked best, no easy task, but it was made much easier.  I loved the email from Renee saying they can’t take style requests, but to rest assured, they are all amazing.  And it’s true, they are, have you looked yet?  We received the yellow polka dot suit and Maggie was so excited to wear it!  It is super cute and I think she looks adorable in it.  From the summery yellow and white polka dots to the stylish bows and ruffles, this swimsuit couldn’t be any cuter!

SnapMe Swimwear, Our Piece of Earth

SnapMe Swimwear is not your average swimwear.  Created by Renee who is living proof that necessity is the mother of invention, SnapMe Swimwear eliminates the need to pull the entire suit on and off for diaper changes or to use the potty.  Plus, if you are out at the beach and using a public restroom, or a portapotty, you won’t have your little girl dropping her entire suit on the nasty floor while they use the potty.  Gross, right?


What is so different about this swimsuit?  You unsnap the suit between the legs and change baby or use the potty.  There are two different sets of snaps for a more adjustable fit.  No more worrying that their diaper will be bulging with water and you won’t be able to get the suit over it.  Just use the larger range of the snaps.


The suit we received is a 2T and actually fits big on Maggie.  Even snapped on the smaller of the two snap settings, it is a little big and the butt in the suit sags on her.  Now, she is pretty small, but can wear most 2T clothing, so I kind of think these suits run a little big, but not sure if that is just the case for us.  Either way, it fits her and she has plenty of room to grow in it.  The swimsuits have extra fabric or ruffles built in to fit over swim diapers.  SnapMe Swimwear is available in a wide range of sizes, from 6 months up to 4T.

SnapMe Swimwear, Our PIece of Earth

As if the snap idea isn’t awesome enough, the suits have UV Protection built in for more added protection while enjoying your beach day.  Plus, the fabric won’t pill or fade so you can keep right on wearing it without it looking all worn.  The rashguard suits provide even more protection from the sun with the shoulders and hip ruffles.


We really, really love our SnapMe Swimwear, probably me more than Maggie just because it makes things so much easier!  Plus, she loves being able to do things herself, so not having to wait forever for her to attempt to pull off a wet swimsuit, get frustrated, maybe yell or cry and then have to have help, she can unsnap it on her own and sit down to use the potty.  This has really been a lifesaver for us when playing in the water.

SnapMe Swimwear, Our PIece of Earth

Buy it:  Get your little one their very own SnapMe Swimwear now and make summer even more enjoyable!  Be sure to visit Renee on Facebook, and Twitter.  And, shipping is only $2.99 in the US.


Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own and only influenced by my experience with the product and company and may differ from yours.*


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