Our Adventures in EC Part 4 {elimination communication}

I kind of fell off the map on writing about this and I’m sorry about that.
Elimination Communication
Charlie kind of fell off the map for awhile with going on the potty too.  He would kick and scream if we went near the potty, so we kind of took a little break with it.  I have tried to let him lead things since that is the point of Elimination Communication – to learn to read your child’s signals on when they have to go to the bathroom.  Part of this was my fault – I got a bit lazy about it sometimes.
That’s the beauty of elimination communication though, it doesn’t have to be an all or nothing kind of thing.  We are back to using the potty, not as often as I would like, but it has been a crazy summer.  In the morning and at night, he is doing really well.  We have put the potty chair back into the living room and that seems to be helping.  Plus, we dug out the potty books again, and he seems to really like holding them and “flushing” the potty.
During the day, he will stop what he is doing and sit on the potty, so if he isn’t wearing a diaper, this works great!  However, I’m not real good at knowing when he has to poop yet, so he has to wear a diaper sometimes when I think there is a chance he has to go and I am doing something where I can’t keep an eye on him.  I hate cleaning up poop!  He will still fight me once in awhile on going during the day, but mostly, he will sit on the potty and is quite proud of himself.  He will actually run into the bathroom and lift the toilet lid sometimes when he has to go.  I think the part that caused us troubles for awhile was that he doesn’t go right away when I set him on anymore, it takes him more than a few seconds to go, and he hates to sit still.  That’s where the books have helped a lot.  He will sit still just a bit longer and gives himself the opportunity to go instead of sit on the potty because he knows he has to, get bored, and go pee on the carpet somewhere, or my personal favorite…..right next to the toilet after he wanted to get off of it.
Elimination Communication
I am hoping to get back into posting more about our adventures in EC, so hopefully you will see a more informative post in the near future.
Want more info on EC?  Check out my previous posts.
What questions about elimination communication would you like to see addressed?


    • We put undies on him a lot if I have a feeling he may go to the bathroom. Even the trainers seem to help contain the pee and stuff.

  • I’m having a similar experience with EC with my daughter (8mo) right now. We’ve been doing it since she was about 2 months old with varying levels of success – sometimes we’ll hardly catch anything because she doesn’t want to sit still (already!) other times we’ll hardly catch anything because my head isn’t in the game or I’m just plain being lazy 😛

    I’m trying the books already, even though she eats them more than she reads them right now. Still, seems to make a difference! I keep a couple in the bathroom and prop her up on a potty seat right on the toilet – hoping that will make the big porcelain throne and flushing sounds less scary later!

    • I hate those days when it is completely my fault that he goes in his diaper. This morning was one of those times…well, actually, two of those times. I knew he was dry and had to go but I could barely open my eyes. Then I had to wake up and change him. Then a few hours later, he went in, lifted the lid, and obviously was telling me he had to go. I sat him down, but then he quickly wanted to get up. I KNEW that he had to go and I should have distracted him and got him to stay on the potty. Instead, as I went to go get a dry diaper for him, he pooped on my floor. Ugh!

  • EC always intrigued me but i never have done it. At least not yet. We cloth diaper and my son pretty much potty trained himself right around 2 years old.

  • I was doing EC a few months ago and then it fell by the wayside. We were having some issues with our main toilet and just replaced it. Maybe now would be a good time to give it a try again? I know it would sure cut back on some of that CD laundry! Especially those large, late night loads (like the one on the second rinse cycle right now).
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    • Anytime is a great time to jump back into it. Well, there are times that probably wouldn’t work so good, but still. Good luck!

  • I’ll be having my first soon, and I’d love to try this at least from time to time. It’s great to read about others’ experiences and reassuring that I do not have to be 100%.

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