Summer Safety with an Accident Prone Kid

Since we live in Minnesota and it is July, we are hitting that really humid, hot time of year.  That means that we get up, eat breakfast and get outside as early as we can.  Today we did just that.  Since most of you haven’t met my kids in person, I will clue you in on something.  My 3 year old, Charlie, is a walking accident!  He has great large motor skills, great small motor skills, yet somehow manages to completely lack coordination.  Okay, maybe that isn’t quite true, but he goes 100 miles an hour all the time and gets banged up quite often.  While we were outside playing this morning, I was pushing the baby in the swing, he decided that he wanted to swing right next to baby Henry.  At the moment, Charlie was standing on the top of the playset.  Well, he got so excited about swinging next to the baby that I think he forgot where he was.  He went running like he was on the ground, his leg caught on the slide and he went face first bouncing off the slide.  Most of his accidents don’t even phase him or us anymore, but this one was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.  I was a bit nervous but after just a minute or so of crying, he was just fine.

Charlie on climber

I suppose that by this point, I should no longer be surprised.  After all, the kid can honestly just face plant trying to walk.  While his accidents still worry me, they also seem like a natural part of my everyday life.  I know full well that things will still happen, but I also know that I can be as prepared as possible. Since wrapping Charlie in bubble wrap would only give him something to pop, I guess I will go with plan B.  What is our plan B?  Well, always carry band-aids.  And essential oils, especially these summer oils.  Wear the proper safety equipment when playing sports, riding bikes, or playing in the water.


Those are easy fixes, but what about the not so easy fixes?  You know, the ones that involve multiple trips to the doctor or emergency room?  We make sure we are covered.  It’s so important to have great medical coverage.  If something happens to one of us, I don’t want to be focused on the what if’s of the financial situation.  I want to focus on drying up tears and helping my loved ones get on the road to feeling better fast and getting back to our fun schedules.  Major medical coverage is great, but sometimes, it may not be enough.  Aflac offers supplemental accident insurance to help cover the cost of things that major medical coverage isn’t designed to cover.

How do I keep my accident prone kid safe in the summertime?

The supplemental insurance offered by Aflac can help give you the piece of mind you need to heal quickly.  Beyond even that, they offer the new One Day Pay promise that will get your claim paid in one day.  Imagine how much of a relief it is not having to worry about missed work or medical bills would be.  You know how, when you start a new job you have to wait awhile for your insurance coverage to begin?  Aflac can help keep your family protected immediately.  They will also be offering a new insurance – for organized sports.  I am so excited about this.  Personally, I play on a softball team where many of our players are over 40, a few that have hit the 50 mark.  We aren’t old, but we have suffered through plenty of injuries as a team.  Most are short term injuries and we are back up and running that week.  Some keep us out longer than that.  Knowing that this would keep us protected even more would be a huge help to provide even more stress free softball fun.

Win or Lose

If you, like me, have that child that can’t simply get down from the couch, but instead must jump down over and over again, you need to be prepared as well because accidents can {and do} happen.  Have you worried about the costs of insurance coverage to keep your family protected?


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.