Well, I’m onto my newest cloth diaper adventure, one most parents deal with long before now.  My daughter is 17 months old and up until recently, she could go all night with just a regular insert in her diapers and not leak.  Not the case anymore.  Last night, after only 2 1/2 hours, she woke up screaming.  I went to get her and settle her down only to realize she was soaked!  Her pajamas, blanket, everything.  No wonder she was screaming for me!  Poor girl.  Then again this morning, I woke up to a wet bed.  Awesome! 

I guess I will spend part of today stuffing some diapers especially for nighttime use.  Hopefully we find something that is going to hold up to my little pee monster now.  If not, time for a change and we will have to give something besides pockets a shot.

What is your nighttime cloth diaper solution?  I would love to hear what works for you.


  • my nugget is still tiny (2 mo) so for us, I just stuff an extra insert into my bumGenuis pocket diaper & that gets us through the night. Sometimes I double stuff a few Kawaii diapers I have. My Kawaii are used and older so I’m not sure they make them in this style anymore, but what I like is they have a lot of room to stuff inserts. You could easily stuff 3 inside. I’ve heard through the grapevine that people like the kawaii diapers made specifically for overnight. But I never used those myself. Found a link though : http://www.theluvyourbaby.com/one-size-goodnight-heavy-wetter/

    • I have seen those diapers. Haven’t used them yet though. She ended up pretty sick for most of the last week and wasn’t drinking much, but we will see what happens now that she is doing better. I do have a Kawaii that we use overnights with just one insert so far ,and that hasn’t leaked yet, but you are right, there is lots of room to add more inserts.

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