Behind the scenes with #PapaMurphysMoms

Disclosure:  I was given this opportunity as part of the #PapaMurphysMoms community.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


We had a pretty fun morning.  We were headed to Papa Murphy’s for a Behind the Counter tour with Larry over at the Blaine Papa Murphy’s.  I had planned to drop off the kids with a friend, but we were running late so they got to come with, and I am really glad they did.  I think it was pretty fun for all of us.  To make it even more fun, I got to meet some other local blogger mamas and their kids.


I’ve been to Papa Murphy’s plenty of times.  You know the deal, walk in, watch them make your pizza, go home, cook it, and eat.  But this time, we got to see so much more.  We got to see the entire process from start to finish.  But, before we got started, we got some yummy cinnamon wheel treats.  The kids and the mommies were happy about that!


We saw how they make the dough in this ginormous mixer {that’s the technical term, right?}.  It makes enough dough for 40 pizzas at one time.  They even let the kids help with that a little bit.  Did you know that it only takes 8 minutes for the dough to be made?  Then it is sliced into dough balls and refrigerated overnight.


#PapaMurphysMoms#PapaMurphysMoms#PapaMurphysMomsThen we got to see how it is actually turned into a pizza crust.  It goes through this roller machine and then it is formed into a pizza crust and covered.  Each crust is dated for use and must be used within 2 days.  Maggie was fascinated by this part of the process!


#PapaMurphysMomsDid you know that Papa Murphy’s gets FRESH ingredients delivered very regularly to ensure that every single ingredient that goes onto your pizza is as fresh as possible?  Things like green peppers will never sit for more than 2 days in the refrigerator or they won’t be used on your pizza.  They hand process the vegetables, pulling out the parts they don’t use like the stems on the peppers.  Then, they are sliced using a fancy slicer and an awesome employee to get the job done.


#PapaMurphysMoms fresh ingredientsOne thing that was really impressive to me was that they shred all of the cheese at the store so that it can be at its freshest when it goes onto your pizza.  We didn’t get to see that part today, but there is nothing like fresh grated cheese!




#PapaMurphysMomsWe were also given the opportunity to hand make our very own pizza for dinner.  Deciding what to make was a tough choice, but I decided on the Gourmet Chicken Garlic Alfredo.  That white sauce is amazing!  They even made up some Mini Murph Kits for all of the kids that were there.  We have been wanting to try these, so it was really exciting for the kids.  Charlie was so proud to carry his and Maggie’s around.  Muscle man!



I’ve known that Papa Murphy’s uses fresh ingredients, and that I love their pizzas.  What I don’t always think about is how involved in the community Papa Murphy’s is.  This Papa Murphy’s likes to take part in one event a week.  That’s really a lot of community involvement.  I love that there is a fundraising option because seriously, who doesn’t love Papa Murphy’s?  For example, coming up on June 7th is the Girl Scouts food drive.  Bring in donations and get a discount off of your order.  That’s a win-win for everybody!



The staff was all so friendly and answered all of our questions.  It really shows that they love their community and kids.  I wish I lived closer to this store, and it really makes me wish I knew the staff a little better at our local store.



No Papa Murphy’s meal is complete without some Cheesy Bread and a dessert though, so we had to pick those up too.  We went home, had nap time, and then made the Mini Murph kits for dinner.




If you haven’t tried Papa Murphy’s lately, you have to check it out.  It has been a dinner lifesaver for me on more than one occasion.  Plus, $10 Tuesdays mean that every pizza is $10 or less!  Woo-hoo.


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