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If you are a nursing mom, I am sure you can relate to the struggle to find a comfortable, affordable nursing bra.  With my daughter, I was given about 6 different bras and had bought 2 before she was born.  Bad idea!  The bras I bought were too small and I never wore them because they hurt when I tried.  The others worked out alright, they weren’t terribly uncomfortable for awhile, but then I ran into a problem.  When I got pregnant again but my daughter was still nursing, my breasts started to shrink down a bit as my milk supply dried up.  Only one of the bras I owned fit, but it didn’t offer any support and I ran into something I absolutely hated…..TMI here maybe, but my nipples would stick out and I personally think that looks tacky.  Some people like it, but I am not one of them.   I heard a mom say that she had spent over $600 on nursing bras!  Yikes!  Enter Bella Materna.

I started talking with Anne from Bella Materna and she is absolutely wonderful!  She offered to send me the Anytime Padded Bralet to review.  This bra could solve my problems.  It is designed to fit as your breasts grow during pregnancy and as they change when you are breastfeeding.  The Anytime Padded Bralet has removable pads!  Sounded perfect to me. 
 This bra features not only the removable pads for a smooth shape and some added lift, but is also
  • is designed to fit from maternity through nursing
  •  has extra settings on the back closure for extended fit
  • Adjustable straps
  • Pull aside nursing access
  • Is made  from Oeko-Tex fabric which is certified Toxin Free

I love knowing that this bra that is covering my little guys food source is toxin free.  The Oeko – Tex fabric makes this bra incredibly comfortable.  I have no doubt you could comfortably sleep in this bra every night if you choose to.  The material is so soft!

I love the pull aside nursing access instead of the clips.  Not to say I don’t like bras that clip as well, but sometimes when you are juggling the baby and trying to unhook and especially rehook the clasps, it doesn’t always go smoothly.  Especially when I’m out in public and trying to be quick and discreet, this is a big plus for me.  I wondered at first if the fact that the material was somewhat stretchy and just pulled aside for nursing would make the bra not supportive after awhile, but that hasn’t been the case and I have had this bra for a few months already.  

The Bralet comes in S, M, L, XL, and XXL.  Their website offers a complete size chart.  I was concerned with choosing a size because my breasts had changed so much from about mid-pregnancy because my milk supply diminished.  I knew what size I wore before my first pregnancy and what size I was wearing after my pregnancy, but then didn’t own a bra that fit at the time, so wasn’t sure what size to get for after this pregnancy.  They recommend getting a bra two cup sizes bigger than your current size, but I wasn’t sure if this would be right for me.  I mentioned all of my questions and concerns to Anne and she was very helpful in finding me a size that would fit comfortably both then and now.  Success!  This is my favorite bra to wear right now.  

 The ONLY thing I had trouble with when wearing this bra was that sometimes when I would nurse my daughter or my son, the pads would fold up a bit and I had to straighten them out afterwards.  Not much you can do about that because the pads are designed to be removable so this is bound to happen.  I had emailed Anne at one point letting her know I loved the bra but wish the straps were a bit thinner so they fit better with a tank top, and found out they make a tank top version of this bra! 
I am tandem nursing my 21 month old and my 2 weeks old during naps and bedtime and something with this bra that I absolutely LOVE is that I can have both cups pulled aside so both of them can nurse at the same time and it doesn’t stretch out the bra.  
I highly recommend one of these bras to anybody.  If this doesn’t sound like the bra for you – check out their website and find the right one for you.  99% of their bras are manufactured in the USA.  This particular bra isn’t, but is still manufactured in safe working conditions in order to keep the cost of it affordable.  
Meet the women behind Bella Materna

Bella Materna was founded by Anne and Candice who were seeking to use their talents as designers to serve other women.  They met at Nordstrom’s and starting dreaming about this company in 1999 because they were tired of hearing there is no such thing as a pretty nursing bra.  in 2000, their dream became a reality and included maternity bras, camisoles, sleepwear, transition, workout and loungewear.  Their designs reflect the fact that women grow more beautiful during pregnancy and nursing, and what they wear should enhance, not hide, this loveliness.  They create sophisticated styles and beautifully crafted designs to help you celebrate and support your body through such an amazing phase.  They have proven that fashion and functionality can coexist.  
In 2008, they created Infiinity Rings because so many moms came back to us when finished nursing because so many moms were coming back to them when they were finished nursing because their bras were so comfortable.  They turn many of them into regular bras for moms if you ask.  

At the time they started, they didn’t have children.  Now they do and they run around the shop telling them what colors the next seasons bras should be.  
Connect with Bella Materna 
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  • Great review! I really like how the nursing bra has pull aside access…easier with an impatient nursling. I like that you can add and remove padding. I also like how it truly adjusts to a nursing mother’s needs…breast changes!

  • I love that it grows with you as you change sizes. And that it’s a pullaway. Who has time to mess with straps when your baby is hungry? I would love to try this! Great review!

  • I LOVE that this brand has such large sizing available. it’s so hard to find a nursing bra that fits me, as most department stores in the area only carry up to a DD or so. Thanks!

  • I like that it has the pull aside feature, that seems especially perfect for night-time feeding! Looking through their site, I really like the Sexy T-Shirt Nursing Bra! Ohh-la-la! 🙂

  • I love that they also have bras without underwires and are actually attractive! All the nursing bras I could find locally were hideous… and sometimes a pretty bra makes you feel a little better, during pregnancy and after.

  • Wow this sounds like a wonderful bra I love the sizing range. I have had so many friends with the same issue. I personally had that issue for a while. I love that the bra is so size flexible. I also love that there are removable pads so that you never have to reveal you nipples if you are more modest and do not want to.

  • I love that the bra is designed to fit from pregnancy and beyond. Hard to find a bra that you can wear for multiple stages of your life

  • I’ve only used a pull aside bra at night, but would be up for trying on during the day too. And I love that they convert nursing bras into non-nursing bras for mamas who are done breastfeeding. Great idea!

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