Beyond the Stick Figure Art School Review

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.


I have this really awesome, super adorable seven-year-old who scribbles in anger if an assignment instructs him to color it. He hates it! So – imagine my surprise when he begs to do art everyday because we discovered a program that he loves and feels successful with! This is exactly what happened one day shortly after we began using Beyond the Stick Figure Art School. Are you excited to hear more? Come on – let’s check it out.

What is Beyond the Stick Figure Complete Drawing Course PLUS 3 Bonus Courses? It is a collection of over 60 individual lessons. Each lesson is a short video {so – no teaching for you mom – just join in the fun!}. Each video is short – I don’t think I have seen one over 5 minutes. The lessons contain some printable workbooks for more fun. Usually only a few pages with ways to expand on what they are doing. Each lesson teaches simple techniques that your family can build on as they go through the lessons.

How we use it. First – I highly recommend reading through the materials needed so you have what you need. It may sound daunting to you as you read that it says to purchase specific brand name items, but I’m telling you – it’s totally worth it. Getting the markers she recommends is likely a huge part of why my Charlie loves this program. There is a short intro video for the parent to watch before starting. She will guide you on getting prepared for your lessons.  As a new art medium is introduced, she also discusses how to properly use it which is awesome!  When our markers arrived, the kids actually listened and remembered her instructions to keep the markers working perfectly!

Then, it’s as simple as pressing play. Watch the short video as a family and start creating! I love that she has you cut up the paper into smaller sections. This way we don’t waste a full page if we do something we don’t like and want to start over, but also because it is less daunting or intimidating than filling up a full page with the project.  After you complete a lesson, check the mark complete box at the bottom of the video.  The program will track where you are at but you can go back and redo a lesson if you want.  You can’t skip forward, so you need to complete each lesson.

I love that we can do this together as a family. We have made some fun memories sitting together, a nine-year-old, seven-year-old, five-year-old and this mom all doing fun art together. Not only can the whole family create art together, but it is so flexible! Because the lessons are short – there are days the kids are asking to do another lesson, and another lesson and ….. get the idea? When Charlie is finished with his school work, he will ASK if he can do art today. Ummm….yes! Yes you can. So – go check out Beyond the Stick Figure Art School – let me know what you think! Find out what other families are saying about it.

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