#bfbloghop Breastfeeding isn’t always easy

Breastfeeding is awesome!  But getting started may not be.  This weeks topic for the Breastfeeding Blog hop is Getting off to a good start – what do you need?
When Maggie was born, I didn’t realize that sometimes breastfeeding didn’t go as planned.  It never really occurred to me that there could be struggles, after all, it’s natural, right?  Our start was awesome.  She latched on like a champ right away, I thought, wow, we rock!  
Then 5 or 6 days went by and my milk hadn’t come in.  Thankfully, I was determined, which leads to my number 1 thing you need to get off to a good start.  The will to do it.  Breastfeeding is hard, and time consuming, but so very worth it!  It’s like having a full time job, especially in the beginning, but I love it! 
The second and one of the most important things is support.  Whether you have struggles, questions, or just want to be around like minded mommies, finding a breastfeeding group like La Leche League can be a lifesaver!  I know for me, it gave me the confidence that I was doing the right thing.  They were there to support me when I was being told I had to give her formula even though she didn’t seem to want it.  I cried, and was supported and encouraged.  Now, after having my second child and no struggles since, I still go to the meetings on a fairly regular basis and have become good friends with some of the other moms there.  
The third thing is resources.  If you need help and aren’t comfortable in a group setting, there are tons of resources available.  Call or email your La Leche League leader, they will likely give you ideas, or tell you where else to get help.  You can call a Lactation Consultant.  Talk to WIC, they will be able to give you resources.  Thanks to the internet, online groups too, but be careful of the information you find there, it may not all be accurate.  
Those are the top 3 things to get started breastfeeding.  Yes, there are books you can read and classes you can attend too.  Most of the bumps will be in the beginning, and soon enough, you will be nursing like you have always been doing it!  And remember to enjoy it!  They are only young once.  Happy Breastfeeding!
What did you find necessary when getting started breastfeeding?  Want to link up?


  • This is so true. I struggled with my first, cried many times. But I was determined and refused to give up. Now I have successfully breastfed 2 and still nursing my youngest. It is so rewarding. I am glad I stuck to it. My youngest doesn’t even know what a bottle is.

  • I love the fact that we listed several of the same things, even though I wrote my post without reading yours 🙂 Support is so crucial!! Thank you for joining us at the Breastfeeding Blog Hop 🙂 ~Melissa

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