#bfbloghop Letter to myself as a new mom

#bfbloghop Letter to myself as a new mom

I am linking up with Sisters ‘n Cloth and a bunch of other mamas for the Breastfeeding blog hop again this week. 
This weeks topic is a Letter to Myself as a New Mom.  I guess my letter would be a bit different for each of my kiddos.  
With Maggie it would go something like this:
Be prepared.  Know who to contact right away if there are struggles, because there will be struggles.  There is so much information out there.  You are doing a great job.  This is work, a lot of work, but both you and Maggie will really come to enjoy this time together.  It’s okay to cry, people are going to judge you and try to tell you to give it up.  When that happens, find the support you need.  
Your thoughts and opinions on breastfeeding Maggie are going to change and grow along with her.  Soon, this will mean so much to you both.  It really isn’t just about feeding her.  It’s about so much more.  You will someday look back and realize she quit nursing, but not until after she turns 2.  You will miss it.  Soon, you will know so much about breastfeeding you will be dying to share that information.  You are going to be tandem nursing too, do you even know what that means?  
You are going to laugh at Maggie’s silliness one day when you step out of the shower and she cheers because she can see your boobs!  Moments like this will happen more than once, you will laugh and snuggle and nurse her every time.  Enjoy it.  Love it.  It won’t last forever.
With Charlie it will go something like this:
You have the knowledge and support already.  Let’s see what this baby can do.  Hmm, look at that, he rocks right from the start too!  And your milk supply won’t be a struggle this time.  Don’t forget to enjoy your journey in breastfeeding with Charlie just as much as you did with Maggie.  He is every bit as amazing as his sister.  Around six months you will get a bit frustrated when he is nursing because his teeth hurt and while he wants to nurse, it’s hurting him.  Stick with it and don’t worry!  
You will be tandem breastfeeding for awhile.  It’s amazing!  Everybody will tell you that your kids will get  jealous or that Maggie will take his milk.  They are all just crazy!  Okay, maybe not crazy, but they are wrong.  There was never any jealousy about it.  Maggie will adjust really well, but those first days she will need to nurse because she has really missed you while you were in the hospital.  She didn’t get to visit enough and needs your comfort.  Quickly she will tell you those are Charlie’s boobs.  She will still nurse for awhile though and you will figure it out quickly.  
Charlie is going to love this just as much as Maggie did.  Who knows how long he will nurse for though, we shall see!  You are doing a great job mama.  Enjoy your snuggles while he nurses.  There is nothing sweeter than when your baby is nursing and looking at you with those beautiful eyes. 
What would you say in a letter to yourself as a new mom? 


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