Give the New Older Siblings a Fun Gift

When we found out we were pregnant with baby #3, I knew I wanted to do something special for Maggie and Charlie to help them celebrate the new baby, although I think they would be just as happy to hug and kiss the baby.  I have spent months deciding what I wanted to do.  When Charlie was born, we went to the book store and picked out a few books for Maggie and that was it.  I wanted this to be fun and special.  I decided to give them each their own gift bag full of fun things for them.  The best part of this, is that they helped me pick out most of what is in the bags.

DIY Big Sister - Big Brother Gift Bags

What you need:  

Plain gift bags

Craft Scissors

Printer and PicMonkey



Whatever you choose to put in it

DIY Big Sister - Big Brother Gift Bags

Make it:  

To get started, I opened up my friend PicMonkey online.  I have the royale version and love the font choices.  You could also just write it out if you feel like it, or even use alphabet stickers to write your message on the front.  I choose Big Brother / Big Sister Award and each child’s name.  Using the craft scissors because they are fun, cut out the “award” and glue it onto the bag.

Big Sister Big Brother Gift Bags

The kids had each picked out some stickers, so I used a few of each of their sticker packs to decorate the front just a little.  Then, add in the goodies.  I think I will give them to the kids while I am in labor so the kids have something fun to do while they wait.  I’m guessing they will use the stickers to decorate some more.


Each of the kids will be getting:

~Book {Dollar spot at Target}

~Small toy {Maggie’s is Elsa nail polish and face glitter; Charlie’s is a spinning toy}

~Playdough {Picked up small things of it at a garage sale this summer}



~Temporary Tattoos

~Disposable Camera to take their own pictures {had to go to Walgreens to get these}

Boy Gift BagDIY Big Sister - Big Brother Gift Bags

I think the kids will have fun with these bags, and cannot wait to celebrate the new baby with my two little sweeties.

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