Best Books for Your Aspiring Writer

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So you have a budding story teller in the family.  How fun!  I have one too.  Actually, I have 3 of them and they spin some pretty good tales.  Their imagination is amazing and I want to foster that, not discourage it.  That’s why I love that we have some incredible books at our fingertips to encourage these stories no matter what age they are.  Here are some of the best books for your aspiring writer.

Best Books for your Aspiring WriterLet’s start with the younger ones.  The ones who don’t necessarily tell full stories yet, but like to say words.  Or, the ones who don’t talk much yet but you want to engage them and get them talking more.  You Choose has always been a favorite for my kiddos since the first day they looked at it.  Each page asks a question in a rhyming sentence.  Imagine you could live anywhere, where would you choose?  With tons of pictures filling the page, their imaginations take them away.  Want to live at the ocean?  The mountains?  Outer space?  You choose.  This story takes them on a journey where they choose where they live, what type of house, who their family and friends are, what they eat, their job, and so much more.  The story changes every time you read it, so you will go on a new adventure every time.  Just Imagine, Choose Your Journey and What Will Danny Do Today? are all similar books.  These are fun for so many ages.  Younger kids {think 2-3} will love pointing at the pictures and maybe even naming some things.  Four year olds and up will enjoy taking you on a new adventure and naming out everything, maybe even telling you a story about what they choose and why.Let your imagination run wild in this story where you choose the who, what, when, where and more on every page.

Tell Me a Story is a new book that is perfect for budding story tellers.  This book will also be used as part of our homeschool curriculum for handwriting.  With a few sentences of rhyming words on each page, they all start with, “Tell Me a Story.”  The rest of the sentences tell you what type of story you are suppose to be telling.  Let your child tell you a story based on what the pages tell them to do.  The possibilities are endless.  We will be using it to write letters to Grandma and Grandpa answering the story line of the pages.  The last page is a little story for the kids of all of the things you need for a story and where they might find inspiration.

Embark on adventure as your child tells you stories from the story prompt on each page.
Story Path
is my current favorite of this type of book.  Your child tells her own story as you go through the book.  You begin with, “Once upon a time there lived a ….” and then you follow the path on that page to whichever person your child chooses.  There are thought provoking questions on the bottom – What was their name?  What did they look like?  Where did they live?  – that your child can talk about.  Then follow the path onto the next page.  Each page adds a little something to the story, getting your child thinking and talking about the different parts of the story.  Your child learns about having characters, setting and all of the little things that make a story a good story.  Where will your adventure take you?Choose from the options on each page and encourage your child to dig deeper in the story with some follow up questions for each piece of the story.

My First Story Writing Book is one in a series of story writing books.  This book takes all of what they have learned up to this point and helps them actually write stories.  We have actually been using this for our handwriting for kindergarten and will continue it for awhile.  It’s fun and she gets excited about it.  They begin by writing about the author.  They create characters, write about what the characters say.  They learn to describe what is happening, create a scene where they describe what is happening, what it smells like, sounds like,etc.  At the bottom of many pages are different words they can use or create their own.  They learn about the different parts of the story and increase their vocabulary so much throughout this book.  The other books in the series are Write Your Own Comic Book, Write Your Own StoryBook, Write Your Own Adventure Story.  What will you write about today?Let your child learn to write a story step by step. Each page encourages their thinking and imagination as they learn to write a story of their own.

A Year In My Life is similar to the story writing books but still different.  Each day has a topic starter and space for them to write a few sentences.Choose from the options on each page and encourage your child to dig deeper in the story with some follow up questions for each piece of the story.

Those are the main books I wanted to talk about today.  I do want to touch on these as well.  If you have a story writer here are a few more that you might be interested in.


Scribble & Author is a picture story book that takes your kid through how to write a story.  It isn’t like the ones mentioned above because it’s just a story, they don’t get to determine where the story goes, but it’s a cute story about stories.Choose from the options on each page and encourage your child to dig deeper in the story with some follow up questions for each piece of the story.

The Illustrated Thesaurus is a great book to have on hand as they grow their vocabulary.  With fun pictures and words they love to use, it’s the most exciting thesaurus you have ever had.  Or the Big Picture Thesaurus.  At the end of the book, it guides you through telling a story.The Illustrated Thesaurus is bursting with fantastic pictures and packed full of words. Perfect for every bookshelf as your child learns tons of words.

Illustrated Grammar and Punctuation will help them to write correctly.  Plus, it’s a fun book to look through and I know I still learn a thing or two when I look through it.Illustrated Grammar and Punctuation is great for any classroom or home. I'm even learning things I had forgotten.

The Creative Writing Book.  I want this and don’t have it yet!  It’s packed full of tips, tricks and tasks to help them write great advertisements, start a blog or because a journalist.  If your child is already writing, this will help them grow as a writer.Let your child learn to write a business ad, blog post and so much more.

Wipe Clean books.  Let’s face it – you can’t write a story if you can’t write.  That’s mostly true anyway.   Beginning Pen Control, Ready for Writing, Alphabet, lower case and upper case letters; there are so many to choose from.Make writing fun with this selection of wipe clean books.
Let your imagination go wild.  Where will the story take you today?  Let me know which one of these books for aspiring writers is your favorite.


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