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I’m all about books that encourage concepts we are working on anyways.  I’m also a huge fan of books that work for all of the kids.  Today, our Usborne Books & More order arrived and some of the new titles were in it.  I couldn’t wait to dig in and neither could the kids.  One of the books we ordered was I Can Count to 100.  Maggie already counts to 100, but I knew it would be great practice for Charlie and Henry too in the future.


The beginning of the book starts out with counting objects, one, then two, then three, and up to ten.  Then 20, 30, 40, etc. up to 100.  On each page, they are grouped together for different counting skills, counting by 5’s, 10’s, on 70 you count by 7’s, yet you can also count by 1’s on each page.  The pictures are so fun and engaging and the pages do more than just get them counting, they ask questions.  The questions have them searching the pages for answers so they don’t get bored with just counting their way through the book.  They get them thinking and talking and learning about so much.  Younger readers can learn to count, but as they grow, the book grows with them and they can work on multiplication.


While I AM an Usborne Books & More consultant and do get commission on any orders through my links, I truly share these books because above all, I’m a mom.  A mom who loves to see my kids succeed and grow and I love that books are such a large part of that for us.

Count to 100

Count to 100 is packed full of fun illustrations your kids will love.


To purchase this book, visit the website and click on the party name or anytime orders.  

I recently wrote about early math books for young learners.  It will be a series by age, I will try to update this post with the rest as soon as they are done.


  • This is such a cute and fun way to learn to count to 100. This would be perfect for my youngest grandson!

  • Oooh I love that it gets them engaged in the pages instead of just basic counting!! I love that it involves other areas of the brain other than just memorization!!

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