Books We Love: Little Blue Truck

Not too long ago, we participated in a book exchange, you know the ones.  You send out one book, 6 letters, and in the end, you get 36 books I believe it is.  Well, so far, we have gotten two.  Not really surprised by that, but each time a book has shown up, it’s been a nice little surprise.  The last book we received was this one, Little Blue Truck.  It almost immediately became Charlie’s favorite.  He loves to sit and read it all of the time.  There was a time we had it in the car for a long car trip, and he was so funny.  At bedtime when it was time to read, he looked all over the bedroom for his book, saying truck, truck, the entire time.  I had to go out to the truck and get the book so we could read it.


I love this book because it has really increased his language as well as his interaction during story time.  He will get hung up on a page and keep turning back to it to tell me more about it.  For the boy who hasn’t always cared to sit through an entire story, that’s a big deal!  It helped him start identifying animals, as well as their sounds and it is so much fun to read with him.  It’s a fun story to read about a dump truck who needs the help of the farm animals that he had just ignored, told in a fun, entertaining story kids will love.


Little Blue Truck

by Alice Schertle

Illustrated by Jill McElmurry

Little Blue Truck

Is there a story that has turned your “too busy to sit down and read” child into a book lover?

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  • My children have all loved the Laura Numeroff books. Give a mouse a cookie, moose a muffin and so on.

  • My son loves this book too! You should get the follow up, Little Blue Truck Leads the Way, he adores that one as well!

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