Books We Love: Slide and See Farm

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I remember when Maggie was a baby and discovered a favorite book and we read it a million times.  My kids couldn’t be more different, but Henry has already discovered a favorite book too.  Slide and See Farm is his favorite!  He loves the finger trails in the book and watching him try to trace his finger is so cute – AND a great skill for them to learn at this age.  The sliding parts are so fun for him and he’s even learning more language and tries to “read” his book, saying, “Clunk, clank.”  I’m an Usborne Books consultant but this is the book I recommend most for infants and the younger toddlers.  Slide and See Farm from Usborne Books & More is a favorite for my little guy.  It's so engaging and fun and you can really see their brains working as they read the story.


If you want to see this book in action, join my VIP group for a video of my 18 month old reading the book.


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