Books We Love: Snuggle Puppy!

We received this book for one of the kids’ birthdays and it is such a fun, cute story.  Actually, it’s a song.  Or at least when I read it it is.  It’s seriously such an adorable story and the kids just love it.  The end is so much fun.  I whisper sing it and then on the last page we all shout it out together.  What kid doesn’t LOVE that, right?!  I love it because not only is it a fun story to read all together, but it is a board book so I can let Henry play with it and try to eat it after we finish reading it.  {This is an affiliate link, our family thanks you for ordering through it}.


Snuggle Puppy!


Snuggle Puppy is such an adorable story that our family loves to read together. The fact that it is a board book only makes it better.


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