Books We Love: Cars Thunder and Lightning

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For Henry’s 3rd birthday, he was gifted the Cars movie.  He immediately became obsessed {I mean, how can you not, right?}.  He wanted to watch it every single day.  For Christmas, he was gifted Cars 3 and is equally obsessed.  If we walk through a store, he gets crazy excited about every single Cars thing he sees.  Let’s face it; one doesn’t just LIKE the Cars movies.  One LOVES them obsessively.

The Cars Thunder and Lightning book follows the movie line and my kids love it.

One of our friends knew about his obsession and happened to find a Lightning McQueen Thunder and Lightning book at Goodwill and picked it up for him.  We read it a minimum of twice daily.  Naptime and Bedtime and any other time he decides we need to read it.  It follows the movie quite a bit and we ALL have it memorized.  I’m hoping to find some more Lightning McQueen storybooks and I’m hoping to find them for free or cheap.   You can read more of the Books We Love here.

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