Books We Love: Usborne Illustrated Stories of Horses & Ponies

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Since I have a horse-crazed little lady, you may as well assume that since we have one horse book….we want them all.  This one is no different.  The Usborne Illustrated Stories of Horses & Ponies is a great addition to our bookshelf.  There is just something about the Illustrated Stories  –  the books are so beautiful starting with the cover.  With tons of short stories and a ribbon bookmark, I can’t wait to hear which story is your favorite.

The Usborne Illustrated Stories of Horses & Ponies

From the Usborne website:  Here is a charming collection of myths and fairytales to delight any horse and pony lover. Meet magical flying horses, brave royal steeds and clever little ponies in seventeen traditional tales, beautifully illustrated and retold for readers today. Beautifully illustrated with delicate silhouettes and atmospheric watercolors, stories include: The Talking Horse; Dapplebright; The Black Stallion; The Kelpie; Ivan and the Chestnut Horse; The Old Horse of Atri; Clever Kallie; The White Mare; The Magician’s Horse; Bronze, Silver and Gold; Seven Foals; The First Horses; Pegasus; The Old Horse and the Fox; The Little Humpbacked Pony; The Good Luck Horse; The Unicorn of the Forest.


We own most of the Illustrated Stories from Usborne, I’m not sure I could decide which one is my favorite.  Want to know more of our favorite books?  Each week we feature a book we love so come back every week to see the newest favorite.

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