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When my four year old decided he wanted to learn about the planets, I couldn’t wait!  I put in my order for some more Usborne Books that I knew I wanted and started planning.  *I am an Usborne Books & More consultant because I love the books and use them often for homeschool.  I do receive a commission if you purchase through the links, and I thank you for using them.*


Sun, Moon and Stars is perfect for introducing space to young readers. Sun, Moon and Stars

I’ll start with this one because I based our entire solar system and planets unit on this book.  Find the full homeschool solar system unit here.  I love the Usborne beginners books because they are an awesome price.  At $4.99, they are a fantastic price.  This book features bright, vivid pictures.  Broken up by topic, from the sun, to the planets, the moon and more, it’s easy to follow.  Visit the quicklinks page for more learning fun with short videos on the topic.


Solar System

I’m pretty sure I was losing my mind because somehow I deleted this from my cart so I don’t have it and I planned to build my unit around this book.  Sad face for me, but you can bet it’s going on my next order.  This is another Usborne beginners reader.  $4.99 and also has quicklinks in the back.

Usborne Beginners Living in Space

Living in Space

This isn’t necessarily about the solar system, but I think astronauts become a natural conversation when learning about the solar system.  This is also another Usborne beginners book with quicklinks.  Available for $4.99.

My Very First Space Book

My Very First Space Book

This is the perfect space book for young readers.  Made with very sturdy board book pages while looking like a big kid book, your little ones will love it.  Each page features fun pictures that kids can enjoy while being packed full of information on space.  Visit the quicklinks here too for more learning fun.  This book is available for $11.99.

Usborne Big Book of Stars and Planets is so much fun with large fold out pages that bring the galaxy to life.

Big Book of Stars and Planets

This is a crowd favorite.  With 4 fold out pages that really bring the story to life.  With tons of pictures packed into this book, your children will soak up so much information about every one of them and you can have fun learning together.  Quicklinks are also available for this book.  This book can be yours for $14.99.

Big Book of Rockets and Spacecraft

Big Book of Rockets and Spacecraft

While not entirely on topic, a great book to go along with your solar system studies.  The 4 fold out pages will have your kids learning while sitting on your lap.  Check out the quicklinks for this one too.  $14.99


Shine a Light On the Space Station grabs your kids attention as they hold the flashlight to reveal hidden objects and discover new worlds. Shine a Light Space Station

If you haven’t seen the Shine a Light books before, they are so much fun!  Packed full of information in such a fun way.  Each page gives you some information, then you shine a flashlight behind the page and it reveals a hidden image.  Turn the page to learn more about it.  One in a series of 13 books, this one is sure to be a favorite.  These also make great gifts.  $12.99

Usborne Discovery Astronomy


This book is part of the Usborne Discovery series.  We are just beginning to dig into this one and we love it.  This is a great book for kids looking for more in depth information on a certain space topic or for a little bit older kids.  This book is recommended for ages 7-10.  With great pictures to make learning fun, kids and adults will all love this one.  This is internet linked for tons more learning time.  $8.99

The Usborne Science Encyclopedia

The Usborne Science Encyclopedia

I love love love the Usborne encyclopedias.  My four year old is crazy about them as well.  He is that child that remembers everything and loves facts.  He soaks up so much information.  His favorite thing about them {and my six year old favorite as well} is the QR links.  Each two page layout has a QR code.  Scan that code with your phone or tablet using a QR reader and it brings you to more videos, pictures and more on the topic covered on that page.  This encyclopedia has over 180 QR codes and over 1,000 internet links.  The back of the book has tons more information on scientist and inventions and so much more.  Once we ordered this book, I knew we wanted all of the encyclopedias. You could use this book as your main science curriculum for years!   $19.99

The Usborne Children's encyclopedia is a must have in our homeschool library. With internet links and QR links, your kids will have so much knowledge at their fingertips that they won't want to put this book down.

The Usborne Children’s Encyclopedia

Did I mention that I LOVE the Usborne Encyclopedias?  This one is SO amazing.  With fun, vivid pictures that keep the learning fun, even for the younger crows, this book is amazing.  There is an entire section on space in the children’s encyclopedia.  There are also over 150 QR links and over 650 internet links.  Not only do I think every home should have this book, I think you could teach for years using this encyclopedia as a guide.  $15.99

100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky is packed full of fun wipe clean cards with different things to get your kids exploring the night sky.

100 Things to Spot in the Night Sky

I love these wipe clean cards.  They are perfect for independent study and quiet time.  This deck of 52 cards teaches about the constellations and things in the night sky.  Each card is packed full of information like how to find that constellation, where it’s located in the sky, how it got it’s name and so much more.  $9.99

100 Things to Know About Space

100 Things to Know About Space

Space is a huge topic, but this friendly book breaks it down into bite-sized chunks, making it an accessible introduction for anyone who wants to find out about this fascinating subject. Highly illustrated, in a pictorial, ‘infographics’ style, with snippets of information about all aspects of space. $12.99

Usborne Astronomy and Space Reference Book

Astronomy and Space Reference Book

This book is an exciting introduction to the wonders of space. Find out how stars are born, what it’s like to live in space, and lots more. $9.99  {This can also be purchased as a sticker book.}

The Usborne Book of Astronomy and Space

The Usborne Book of Astronomy and Space

This updated edition shows you the universe, using the latest amazing information from astronomers around the world, and space probes around the galaxy. This book includes practical information on home astronomy and buying and using equipment.  It is also packed full of internet links.  $14.99

Lift the Flap Questions and Answers About Space

Lift the Flap Questions and Answers About Space

Many children are fascinated by space and the universe, and this engaging flap book will answer lots of their questions. With entertaining and informative illustrations and over 50 flaps to lift and look beneath. A brilliant introduction to non-fiction for very young children. With over 60 flaps to lift this book is sure to satisfy even the most inquisitive children! $14.99

Usborne Look Inside Space

Look Inside Space

Blast off into space with this fascinating flap book with over 60 flaps. Find out how the moon was made, why stars shine and how we know so much about planets that are far, far away. $14.99


On the Moon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the Moon? This beautifully illustrated picture book will take you on a journey to find out. You can fly into outer space, walk on the Moon and take a look at our world from a very, very long way away.  This is a great book for really young learners to be involved in your learning fun.  $9.99


Usborne Peek Inside SpacePeek Inside Space

This simple non-fiction book for very young children is filled with facts about space and the universe. Young children can lift the flaps and peek through the holes in the pages to find out lots about space; this interactive introduction to the subject is accurate, playful, and approachable. Space is a “hot” topic at the moment and is a fascinating subject that can lead little minds to be more interested about science as a whole. $11.99

The Story of Astronomy and Space

The Story of Astronomy and Space

A narrative introduction to the mysteries of space and the secrets of astronomy, packed with scientific facts about the solar system, comets, the Big Bang theory, telescopes, space exploration, and lots more. Diagrams and amusing illustrations help make complex ideas easy and fun. Also includes star charts, a glossary, and an astronomy timeline.  $12.99



How do astronomers study planets, stars and galaxies? What are rovers and where have they landed? How do different telescopes work? In this book, you’lll find out the answers and lots more fascinating facts about astronomy.  $4.99


That’s the current list of Usborne Space books. There are also a ton of activity books on space which I did not include in this list.   Which book are you most excited about?



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