Books We Love: Learn About Trees

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So…this book is absolutely AMAZING! Whether you and your family love to be outdoors and learn about this amazing world we live in or you just want to get through science, Learn About Trees is jam packed full of information!

Even better than just information though – there are experiments and activities for every topic. Bark rubbings, chlorophyll, so. many. things!!! I feel like I’m gushing here, am I gushing? I am. This book is so great. I picked it up at a garage sale or we were given it or, who knows, but we love it. My newly turned six-year-old just picked it out for bedtime reading the other day and is always begging for more and more pages because they are so fun. And this book will be great to read for years to come with all of the snippets of information and facts throughout the pages. Even if you don’t want to buy this book – go check it out, it really is fantabulous!

Find more books we love as we feature them weekly. Drop me a comment today and share your favorite fact about trees.

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