Books We Love:  Little Kids First Big Book of the Oean

Books We Love: Little Kids First Big Book of the Oean

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A little over a week ago, I posted a giveaway for some Shark Week books your kids will love!  While the giveaway may be over, I am so excited to share one of those books with you.  Henry and I have been reading the Little Kids First Big Book of the Ocean as a bedtime story.  He is five, almost six and absolutely loves our bedtime story time ritual.  If he had his way, we would read all night long!

We read about two or three of the ocean creatures listed in this book.  You will first notice the gorgeous pictures throughout the book.  The ocean creatures are presented by the different oceans they are found in.  We are reading through the Pacific Ocean creatures and absolutely loving it!  Throughout the pages are fact boxes with details about the specific kind of animal, home, size and other amazing facts.  There are interactive questions in each section that lead to great conversations about the different animals.  There are also pop-up facts with other interesting facts about each of the animals.

The parent tips in the back give you fun activities to do with your children to enhance your child’s learning. The colorful ocean map lists the animals found in each of the oceans.  There’s also a glossary in the back.

We love love love the National Geographic Kids books and love adding new ones to our collection.  The First Big Book collection is definitely one we want to own all of!  This will be a great addition to our marine biology unit for this year.

Each week we share a different book we love – see you next week!

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