Books We Love: The Magic Attic Club Megan’s Masquerade

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It’s no secret that my love for books and reading has been passed down to my kids. We recently discovered a new series that my daughter diligently read through the backs of the books to see what would interest her. Well – one book in and her and I both asked for the rest! The Magic Attic Club is about a group of friends who visit one of the friends’ attic and are magically transported back in time. In Megan’s Masquerade, Megan is transported back in time to the Revolutionary War. While some of the characters in the story are imaginary, many are very real characters – Thomas Jefferson, etc.. A super fun story to read as Megan journeys through dangerous territory to deliver a very important message about the war.

We will be over here reading through the rest of the series if you need us. While you wait – be sure to check out other books we love.

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