Books We Love: Smithsonian Readers World of Wonder Level 3

We received a set of these books to review that you can check out next week, but this book instantly became a favorite.  My three year old isn’t necessarily an avid reader.  In fact, getting him to sit down can be downright impossible.  Not with this book though.  I cannot be more serious when I tell you that this is his favorite book and he can now tell you all sorts of things about mummies and ancient Egypt.  It’s adorable  We did some online research to find out more because he is now obsessed with this stuff and cannot wait to read and learn more.  We read this book almost every single day.  The whole series is packed with information but this is the favorite.  {Note:  this link is an affiliate link and I earn a tiny portion of money if you use it.  Our family really appreciates your support.}

Smithsonian Readers:  World of Wonder Level 3 


Check out the rest of our Books We Love series.  What books have you read and loved lately?

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