Breastmilk Storage Guidelines + Ameda Breast Pump Review

There is absolutely nothing more stressful as a new mom than struggling with breastfeeding because of your supply.  I remember very well my struggle with that when Maggie was born.  I remember the endless hours of tears {from both her and I} as we struggled through that.  I remember being so frustrated with the pediatrician and turning to the La Leche League for help.  I asked questions, answered their questions, and tried tons of different things.  Mostly, I felt supported and understood, instead of like a failure.  I was an emotional wreck.


I knew with our third baby on the way, I would probably want to pump more so that John could help out with the baby.  Well, when Henry decided to grace us with his handsome self, John was back working out of town and only home every few weeks.  Pumping turned into a challenge simply because I couldn’t find the time for it.  If I dared attempt to pump during the day, I was quickly disrupted by Charlie trying to smother Henry.  Oddly enough, this bummed me out because shortly before Henry was born, I received an email from Ameda asking if I would be interested in reviewing the Purely Yours breast pump.  I was really excited to see if this pump worked better than my old pump because I had never been able to pump more than about 1/2 ounce at a time.

Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump and Carry All

When it arrived, the first thing I noticed was the bag.  It didn’t look like a breast pump bag at all.  It actually reminds me of an oversized lunch bag.  It has side pockets and a front pocket, so you can keep everything you could need right there with the pump; instructions, milk storage bags, a marker to label them, etc.  Plus, the design makes it easy to wipe clean if you spill milk in or on it.  I also really like that it zips completely shut so you don’t have to worry about things spilling out if it tips over.

Ameda Double Electric Breast Pump Carry AllAmeda breast pump carry all

My absolute favorite thing about the Purely Yours pump is the proven airlock protection.  With my old pump, I kept having to replace the tubing because they would get full of moisture.  The airlock protection on the Ameda pump keeps that from happening.  The airlock protection keeps the tubing dry by preventing air flow between the milk that is expressed and the pump tubing as you are pumping.  Because of that, you don’t need to clean the tubing or replace it.

Purely Yours


The Custom Control allows you to individualize the pump to ensure you are getting the most out of every pumping session.  It allows you to customize suction and speed for optimal milk removal.


All women are not created equal.  At least where the breasts are concerned.  That’s why Ameda offers custom fit flanges in 7 different sizes to make pumping as comfortable as possible while getting the most milk out each time.


I really love that this pump can be battery operated or plug in.  It is great for any busy mom who doesn’t want to be restricted to sitting next to an outlet.  It also has a sturdy spot to set the bottles as you disassemble the pump when you are finished so you don’t spill the milk. My old pump didn’t have this, and whoever said, “There is no crying over spilt milk” obviously wasn’t a breastfeeding mom who was struggling with her supply.  Not worrying about accidentally bumping it over and spilling it is such a relief.


With easy to use settings and the ability to pump one or both breasts at a time, the Ameda Purely Yours is a breast pump designed to fit you and your lifestyle so you can spend the time you want with your precious little ones.


Now that you have your Ameda Purely Yours breast pump, here are some milk storage guidelines to help ensure your milk stays fresh.  {From the Ameda Website}

Breastmilk Storage Guidelines



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