Bump Update 15 weeks

If you missed it, I told you all about finding out about this pregnancy here.  I remember writing posts each week throughout Charlie’s pregnancy, and am excited to do it all again. Soon, I’ll write the post where I tell you how my blog got me pregnant!


How I’m feeling

Bump Update 15 weeks

So far, I haven’t felt horrible.  There are good days and bad days, although now, more good days.  The nausea isn’t nonstop anymore, and it’s getting easier to eat dinner instead of gag at the very thought of having to eat or feed the kids.  I’ve only actually thrown up twice now, so it could definitely be worse.  I’m still pretty tired, but not completely exhausted.  I have days here and there where my hips hurt so much that attempting to move/stand up/walk is painful and I feel like my bones will break.  I remember quite clearly, this same feeling started after Charlie’s delivery.  I haven’t been nearly as active as I would like since then, so I”m guessing this is only going to get worse.  On my must get to it list – my prenatal yoga video.  I’m hoping that helps at least a little bit.


I spend a lot of days not feeling pregnant at all.  If I don’t feel sick, I just don’t feel pregnant.  I have noticed that my belly is growing a bit.  I just plain feel fat.  My stomach isn’t all hard as it grows like it was with the first two {I’ll assume that is the fat that has somehow accumulated since having children, haha}.  But, today, I started to feel a little better about that.  I apparently don’t just look fat, I do look pregnant.  We were garage sale-ing today and a few different people commented, and then a family member at a funeral that didn’t know that I was pregnant prior to seeing me.  I’m not sure if it all just means I’m huge or just that it is obvious.


Best of all – last night I felt baby moving.  I had felt both of my kiddos by this point, so I’ve been waiting for it.  And it wasn’t just one movement I felt.  It felt like a dance party going on.  I had the opportunity to just sit still for a little bit, so I”m wondering if I was just finally able to notice it because I wasn’t doing a hundred other things.


What baby is doing


Baby is about the size of an apple or orange.  This little one is now about 4 inches long from crown to rump, and tipping the weight scale at about 2 1/2 ounces.  Baby can move amniotic fluid through his or her nose and upper respiratory tract, helping the air sacs in the lungs to develop.  My baby’s legs are longer than the arms now, and baby can move all of his or her joints and limbs.  Even though the eyelids are still shut, baby can sense light.  Also joining the team are taste buds!


What’s next?

We have our 16 week checkup on Friday.  I’m super bummed because my doctor is on vacation that week {the nerve of her to do such a thing and not check with me first!}.  I wanted to schedule around that, but I couldn’t find a date/time that worked for me.  We opt out of any optional testing, so unless there is a problem, nothing but heartbeat checks until our ultrasound next month.


I’m also pretty sure I want to have my photographer who is amazing photograph the birth.  It will take some doing to get John on board with this, but I think it would be awesome.  With Maggie there were quite a few pictures, but with Charlie, nobody really took any.


Are you pregnant right now?  When are you due?  Did you have a birth photographer present during delivery?  Would you do it again?





  • I am not pregnant (nor will I be again), but I wish with all my heart I had had a birth photographer or videographer. Those are moments to relive and cherish all your life – and the child’s life, too.

    You must be feeling better than you think – you look absolutely lovely!

    What I can’t wait for, though, is to read how your BLOG got you pregnant. Things must have changed since I was your age, I’m pretty sure I know what it was that got ME pregnant! LOL!

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