Bump Update: 21 Weeks

I like comparing my baby to the fresh produce for size, but it’s telling me large banana again.  I guess it depends on where you are looking.  Either way, this baby is definitely in there and definitely getting bigger.


I realized just now that I talked about how cute the baby is in the ultrasound picture and forgot to include the picture, so here it is.  My little love bug.

baby #3

Today I got a rather disturbing phone call, at least at first.  I saw the clinic number on my phone and was nervous to even answer it.  I hadn’t had any tests done, no bloodworm or anything.  I didn’t have an appointment scheduled yet, so I knew it had to be about the ultrasound which really worried me.  As I mentioned in this post, the tech was having a difficult time getting a good view of the heart chambers.  We had a different tech than the ones I have had throughout the other pregnancies and our first one for this baby, and I was bummed.  I really love Connie, she always wears a smile and tells you about what she is looking at.  This tech didn’t say much at all and stopped to write notes which made me nervous.  As it turns out, the reason for the phone call was because the doctor who looked over the ultrasound pictures wasn’t satisfied with the picture of the heart chambers.  While she didn’t see a problem or anything to cause any concern, she wanted to request a follow up ultrasound to see if they could get a better picture.  They recommend a level II ultrasound because of my age and the incomplete heart views.  Ugh, come on, I’m only 35!!!!!  Whatever though, they are allowing me options and I choose to see my friend Connie, our regular tech who is amazing and awesome and all of that stuff.  So next week I will head back in and get some more images.  Maybe she will do what she usually does and give me a short video of baby moving.  It’s always so fun to watch those.

21 weeks baby #3

So this week, baby is up to some new tricks.  Using those taste buds.  Baby will be able to get a taste of what I’m eating now.  Better add in some more variety, I’ve been stuck in a food rut.  I want nothing, but am hungry!


Tonight this baby was doing something, and it felt like a weird pulsating up by my rib cage.  I’ve never really felt that with baby before.  It was weird.

21 weeks baby #3

What to expect says, “I may notice some stretch marks starting to appear.”  Well, not sure I’ve noticed any new ones, but the old ones are still there looking fantastic as ever.  Back when I was 10, I had my appendix out.  The scar is horrible and sunken in.  It was itching a bunch tonight so I looked at it, and it is doing the same thing it did before.  That ugly dark blue bruise looking thing.  The scar seems to get it’s own stretch mark.  I remember thinking with Maggie that it looked and felt like the scar was just going to rip open.


Spill the beans, what is your worst pregnancy symptom?

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