Bump Update: Week 18

18 weeks pregnant already!  This seems to really be flying by.  In all honesty, there are many days that I don’t feel pregnant at all.  And then some where I definitely know what is going on.  Baby is starting to move around a lot, and I feel those little movements multiple times a day.  That is the best part of pregnant I think!

Bump Update 18 weeks

I’ve been moving around way better than I could during Charlie’s pregnancy.  I’m not in pain all of the time.  I do randomly get horrible pain through my hips.  It was very bad after Charlie was born, and then hasn’t bothered me since.  Now, if I try to do too much, I tend to end up in pain.  I am working out and softball started this week and I can do those pain free which is a huge bonus.


When I’m cleaning up toys and constantly bending down, I can definitely tell there is a baby in there.  And tonight when the kids both sat on my lap, it was a bit more crowded than usual.


On the cuter than cute side, Charlie keeps lifting up my shirt and saying, “baby, baby” and then pretending to take a bite out of my belly and pretending to chew it.  It is really super funny to watch.

red bell pepper

And speaking of baby, want to know what this one is up to?  At around 5 1/2 inches and 5 ounces, this kiddo is growing!  Baby is also learning yawning and hiccuping skills, as well as getting a unique set of fingerprints and toe prints.


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  • I think we are right around the same time frame of our pregnancies. This is my first. I agree that some days I barely even remember that I’m pregnant. I’ve kept up with work, my hobbies, and even hiking and rock climbing. I was very tired at first and slept more than normal but that seems to be equalizing.

    • How funny you comment tonight. I was scrolling through Facebook {because that’s productive}. I saw your post about going to bed, and almost types, I miss you, we haven’t talked in ages. But, just kept scrolling.

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