Bump Update:  Week 32

Bump Update: Week 32

I don’t have much to say about this last week.  Not much has changed, although last night, baby was moving around a ton.  I had been pretty sure baby was laying sideways in my belly for awhile now, but now, I have no clue!  It feels like there are hundreds of little limbs moving around in there.  I couldn’t help myself and I took a video the other day of the baby moving around.  It is the very best part of pregnancy!

The kids are starting to get irritated by the lack of lap I have left these days.  They both want to sit on my lap, and all they do is elbow the baby the whole time.  I’m starting a project for Maggie that I want done by her birthday party in a few weeks, so wish me luck! Friday is my 32 week appointment and I will get to see my doctor this time.  Not a big deal, but I really feel better seeing my doctor!


32 WeeksI’ve reached that point where I’m starving a lot.  I will eat right before I go to bed in the hopes of making it until morning, but I wake up so hungry at night.  I’ve been toughing it out so far and haven’t had to get up to eat yet, but man, I am starving when I wake up in the morning.  I’m still down from my starting weight, so I’m going to go out on a limb and say pretty soon I will be gaining weight.


How much did you gain with your pregnancies?  I didn’t gain a thing until the 7th or 8th month with any of my pregnancies.  

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