Bump Update:  Week 37

Bump Update: Week 37

So after I wrote last weeks post, we had our 36 week check up. Turns out I’m dilated to a 1, 20 % effaced and baby is at a -3. While I know none of that means anything just yet, it made me wonder a bit. I’ve never actually known I was at a 1 with either Maggie or Charlie. I would go in and be at a 0. Then go in and be at a 2 and have the baby within a day or two. I’ve never actually known that I was at a 1. That tidbit of information had a few people on my softball team wondering if I should really be playing, but my doctors input was – this isn’t your first rodeo. If it hurts, stop.  I can definitely feel that we are getting a little closer, I feel the baby putting pressure on my hips quite often.  Here are some fun belly shots of the baby making my belly look all pointy and cute.

Week 37 Week 37 belly

So I spent some time going through names again in case this baby was a boy. I came up with a few I like, but nothing I am crazy in love with. The name John likes the most, I’m completely against using. The name I like the most, he is completely against. So back to the drawing board we go.

I also realized that while I had written this post on what to pack in your hospital bag, I hadn’t actually gotten my bag packed, so I should really get on that fairly soon.  I should also probably throw some things in a bag for Maggie and Charlie, just in case they end up staying the night some place else.


So that’s what I am up to right now.  I’m pretty excited for a few products that are on the way for the baby for review and I think you will LOVE them.  But keep your eyes peeled this next week for my review of the Combi Shuttle carseat.

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