The Ultimate Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers #MPMHGG

It seems like each year, finding stocking stuffers for our family either slips my mind until the last minute, or I feel like I cannot find good, quality, useful things that our family will actually use. There are a few things that I try to add each year, like some art supplies, new socks, a toothbrush. I know there are better alternatives for some of the products that we get in our stockings, so this year,

Is There a Difference Between Cotton and Organic Cotton?

I remember the day we received Maggie’s seriously adorable dress from Nohi Kids. I picked up the mail, opened the package and she saw her dress that she had picked out. Suddenly, she starts changing clothes because she absolutely has to wear her new dress right away. While she was searching through the options, I had a few that I loved, but she picked this out, and it was even cuter on her than it was in the pictures and turned out to be the perfect choice for her.