To heaven with love: Celebrating the loss of loved ones with your children

In my whopping 34 years of life, I have lost my fair share of people that I love.  After my parents died, I would get this horrible anticipation each year when it neared the anniversary of their death.  I would get anxious, and stressed out just knowing the day was coming.  Now that I have little kids of my own, I realize the need for ways to help them celebrate and remember a loved one. I want my kids to know about my parents, even if they won’t get to meet them.
To Heaven with Love:  Celebrating the loss of loved ones with children
  • Write notes on balloons and release them into the air.
  • Plant a garden and on holidays, add a birthday ribbon or a piece of candy – we did this for John’s dad after he passed away.
  • Have a birthday party for that person – I mean, another reason to have cake, hehe
  • Plant a tree.
  • Adopt a road, park, etc.
  • Go to a church service on the anniversary of their death, or even a birthday.
  • Make a special meal with candles.  Leave one candle unlit in rememberance
  • Do something that person loved.  A dance party to their favorite music, go sailboat watching if they were into that, etc.
  • Draw a picture of what that person may be doing in heaven
  • Have dinner {or breakfast or lunch} at their favorite restaurant


A special thanks to my sister for some of these great ideas.

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