Celebration Day #11 Doll Diaper from The Wildflower Patch

Celebration Day #11 Doll Diaper from The Wildflower Patch

This is the exact diaper that will be shipped 🙂

I would like to thank Mandy from The Wild Flower Patch for donating a wonderful doll diaper for 1 lucky little girl!!  This giveaway is perfect all you Mama’s that have older children as well as CD’d children.  My oldest has a doll named Stella.  And you better believe that Stella has to have MANY and I mean MANY cloth diapers just like Baby K!  Thank you so much Mandy for this wonderful giveaway!!

A Little About The Item
Made to fit a 12″-16″ doll, these are sure to give your little girl endless joy. With leg elastic and Velcro closure, these diapers are the real deal! Soft Velcro goes across the entire belly part of the diaper to allow for a more customized fit, and more options which doll to diaper. 🙂

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