Celebration Day #8 1.5 oz jar of Lanolin Solid from Milk Maid Mama

Becca from Milk Made Momma has be kind enough to donate a 1.5 Oz. jar of Lanolin Solid for 1 lucky fan to win 🙂  Lanolin has a ton of uses and is something that no Momma ever wants to be without!  Thank you Becca for this wonderful giveaway!

A Little About The Product
Use this creamy, pure lanolin for wool washings, breast or lip care, or on dry baby skin! Lanolin is an amazing natural substance which comes from sheep wool. Not only is it a wonderful moisturizer, it has antimicrobial qualities and is the closest thing to the skins’ own natural oils!
Indeed, no one does it better than Nature itself! *This bigger 1.5 oz. jar of Lanolin will lanolize dozens of pairs of longies and soakers if you use the recommended pea-sized amount per load!*


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