Check Out the NEW NUK Pacifiers & Score a $1 Off Coupon

This post is sponsored post by Lunchbox but all thoughts and opinions are mine.

It seems that no matter what you are looking for when it comes to baby stuff, there are tons of options for it all making it tough to make an informed decision.  NUK wants to make it easier on you.  With a completely redesigned nipple that more naturally fits in baby’s mouth, this NUK pacifier is also made in the USA and BPA free.

While none of my 3 kids have used a pacifier, I know that we are the minority in that respect.  I am a big fan of any product that is a more natural product for my babies.  With a true orthodontic shaped nipple, the integrated channels create less palate pressure while the school nipple cavity maximizes tongue movement.

Right now, NUK is offering you the chance to score a $1 off coupon for Walmart when you take the NUK Pacifier ABC quiz.

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