Cloth diapers: one dads perspective

I imagine that I am not the only mama out there who was met with hesitation by their significant other.  Well, at first, John said, I don’t care, do whatever you want.  But when it got right down to it and he had to change diapers, he had opinions and complaints, so I asked him….what do you look for in a cloth diaper?  Here is what he had to say.  
John:  It has to be soft on their little butt.  It has to be comfortable.  It can’t be too bulky.  It definitely better not leak – I like those ones with the extra thing around the thighs.  I like the ones with the insert inside the pocket, although this one is okay too (holding our ones & twos diaper).  I don’t like the ones with the snaps on the insert that can be felt through the insert. 
Me:  Do you prefer the velcro diapers?
John:  No, I actually like the snaps better, I worry the velcro will rub on their little tummy.  But…the snaps have to be in the front, not like those side snapping ones.  But the snaps have to be easy to use, not have lots of snaps on each side.  
So, what diapers did John pick as the best cloth diapers from a dads perspective?  
Rumparooz – he loves the double gussets. 
Fuzzibunz – they are really trim!
Kawaii – likes the quick snaps
In fact, Lil Joey’s are what sold him on using cloth on the new guy! 
*Keep in mind, daddy doesn’t have to stuff diapers, unstuff diapers or do diaper laundry – although he knows how to and does try to help :)*
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